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Your road trip guide to TV’s most iconic landmarks

Stephen Wright, 1 year ago

10 min read

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Whether it’s zombies, gun-toting gangsters or blood-splattering fantasy heroes, watching our favourite TV show leaves many of us with a thirst to experience the whole gruelling thing first-hand.

Your road trip guide to TV’s most iconic landmarks 

From the archly iconic London of Sherlock to the otherworldly Croatian strongholds of Game of Thrones, real-world locations look different through the eyes of television’s rogues and outcasts.

Of course, the US produces a disproportionately high number of small-screen hits, so the truly ravenous TV junkie can travel endlessly around the States without ever running short of glamorous (and not so glamorous) destinations.

Guide Contents:

The Walking Dead

The Sopranos


Game of Thrones

The Walking Dead

The Atlanta, Georgia of The Walking Dead makes for a creepy visit (you might want to keep your foot on the gas), although you’ll find Rick’s house (at 817 Cherokee Ave) in surprisingly good repair. 

The Sopranos

A more pleasant destination, with ice cream on the menu rather than your still-warm flesh, can be visited at 1063 Broad St, Bloomfield, New Jersey. This is the home of Holsten’s Ice Cream Parlour, as seen in the historic finale of The Sopranos.


London, is home to the iconic street address: 221B Baker Street, Sherlock’s home address long before Mr. Cumberbatch inhabited the character. Unfortunately, no-one is quite sure where the ‘real’ 221B is, but you can visit the BBC’s Baker Street doppelganger at 187 N Gower St, in Kings Cross.

Game of Thrones

For a hotter European destination, it has to be Dubrovnik in Croatia where – once you’re done wandering the ancient fortress that has become synonymous with Game of Thrones King’s Landing - it’ll probably be sunny enough to hit the local beach. Well, you still have the books to read, don’t you?

The most bingeworthy TV shows create whole universes to get lost in, so we’re just scratching the surface here – but check out this thorough infographic, with more information on the locations of these and other series. It’s time to give those square eyes a bit of a work-out!

Your road trip guide to TV’s most iconic landmarks

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