Formula 1 - Battle of Melbourne: Vettel claims victory

After the first race of the Formula 1 season in Melbourne this weekend, the stage looks set for a truly thrilling series of battles over the »

1930's garage gets 21st century digital makeover

It’s the first day of spring and a brisk Wednesday afternoon in South West London, as I make my way to Westbury Garage in New »

Fred Parkes joins WhoCanFixMyCar from FTSE 250 technology business

Fred Parkes, previously an Investment Manager at an established FTSE 250 company has joined as Chief Financial Officer. In the newly created role, Parkes »

New garages shine in another record breaking month for

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Your car insurance may be about to rise in cost significantly.....

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VW vs Audi vs SEAT vs Skoda: The Volkswagen Group volume brands - Maintenance Costs Revealed is the market leading online marketplace for car servicing and repairs. 425,000 quotes have been requested through the system, helping drivers across the »

How the Enterprise Package helped my business

S&T Fleet Support is a mobile mechanic business run by owner Shaun Arnold. The business provides 24-hour support to drivers throughout London and the »

New penalty for using a phone while driving

Police across the UK are cracking down on drivers who use mobile phones at the wheel with the introduction of new rules which will double the »