Cars, they’re everywhere aren’t they, millions of them, carrying us around with ever increasing style, luxury, technology and speed.

Cars are as much a part of our global culture and society as the cities and buildings in which we live, which is why we wanted to reveal 17 of the most incredible car facts we could find!

1. What HOW MUCH?!!!
car fact number 1
2. And to think, we struggle with Lego…
Car fact number 2
3. Holy carbon emissions Batman!
Car fact number 3
4. So in total….
Car fact number 4
5. That would be one way to beat the traffic…
Car fact number 5
6. Alright we get it, there are a S**t ton of cars everywhere…
Car fact number 6
7. That’s still faster than the average speed of a London bus though..
Car fact number 7
8. We really hope this was on one journey…
Car fact number 8
9. Imagine listening to Nick Grimshaw for that amount of time in one go…
Car fact number 9
10. Why do NASA even bother with those rockets then?
Car fact number 10
11. Mr Cruise can be a loose cannon at times…
Car fact number 11
12. Think you can name them all?
Car fact number 12
(Didn’t think so you simpleton, they are; Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Commerical Vehicles, Scania and MAN.)

13. Oh fantastic! I’ll just pop out and buy a few for the family…
Car fact number 13
14. Think they lost their no claims bonus?
Car fact number 14
15. So what? Drinking a beer and replacing it in 42 seconds is easy
Car fact number 15
16. Keep those seat belts on guys…
Car fact number 16
17. Congratulations, you played yourself
Car fact number 17

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