With the weather turning warmer and cars being driven in much higher temperatures, we at WhoCanFixMyCar.com have seen an increase in demand for Aircon Regas work.

Each year there is at least an 300% increase in demand for aircon regas work from drivers during the summer months.

summer driving

This happens each year as the air conditioning systems in cars struggle to cope with the increased demand of keeping the interior of the car cool.

An air conditioning system works by using refrigerant gas to push air through several components in the aircon system and then into your car.

Surprisingly, over 10% of air-con gas escapes through the system each year. This means that the power of the system drops significantly over time. However, your air conditioning will not be checked during an MOT or service which is why it’s important that you make an effort to have it checked specifically.

So what is involved in the work?

The mechanic will firstly carry out a leaks check on the air con system before they start the job, this is to ensure the work can be carried out without causing damage to the car when they start pumping gas through the system.

As soon as the leak check is complete, the technician will be able to recharge the system.

what happens during an aircon regas

The mechanic carrying out the work will first remove old refrigerant from your car as well as the lubricant and replace it with new gas and lubricants.

The job will also typically include an entire system clean out, which is performed to remove any bacteria build up.

This is often the reason for a strange or unpleasant smell being emitted from the air conditioning which is why it is important to have this job completed every two years!

The whole process should take around 45 minutes as there are no new parts required for install.

The air conditioning in your car should be noticeably improved after a regas if you haven’t had one for over two years.

If you want to ensure your air conditioning stays in tip top condition, make sure to use it regularly as the compressor will stay lubricated with regular use.

Here’s Gavin from Ross Motors to give the experts view.


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