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If you would like to understand how much a cambelt repair could cost, we have created the following report to demonstrate average pricing across the UK. We will also reveal which car brands have the highest and lowest average costs when it comes to cambelt repair.

WhoCanFixMyCar has sent over 4,000 cambelt repair estimates to drivers throughout the UK in August 2017 and over 30,000 were sent in 2016 alone.

Analysing the data, we are able to provide a clear picture of pricing to help inform your knowledge of this specific service type.

The current national average of cambelt repair, taking into account every make and model of car as well as every location in the UK, is £330.83.

The price of cambelt repair across the UK

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(The prices above are  indicative of changing a cambelt as well as repairing the part.)

As demonstrated above, the two most expensive cities in the UK for cambelt repair and replacement are both in Scotland as Edinburgh and Glasgow top the chart.

This goes against a trend which is prevalent in our other data reports, showing the north to be less expensive than the south when it comes to the average price of car maintenance.

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Car repair prices across the uk revealed!

A notible point is the difference in price between Liverpool and Manchester. Separated by 40 miles, the two cities are hardly far apart, yet a price difference of £40 exists.

If you live in Manchester, you can get quotes from local mechanics here.

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The cost of cambelt repair and replacement by brand

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Our data shows that premium car brands have the highest repair and replacement costs associated with this particular service type.

As shown, BMW is by far and away the most expensive car brand with a price difference of £162.65 compared to the second most expensive brand, Mercedes.

One potential reason for such a large disparity, is that the design of a BMW may conceal the cambelt further inside the engine itself, meaning more time will need to be invested in labour.

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As is consistent with research on other key service types, Fiat has the lowest repair or replacement costs.

Our most recent report on the average prices on clutch replacement demonstrates this point.

Clutch Replacement Cost UK

The reason for the low cost is likely to be due to the price of the part itself as well as easier access during a repair, resulting in lower labour costs.

Keep in mind that the figures highlighted in this report are averages and do not represent the price which you should pay for a specific repair in a certain city or for a specific car.

If you would like a bespoke estimate, the only way to do so is to get quotes from the best local garages.

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WhoCanFixMyCar provides this service to drivers for free and you will never be asked to give over your card details.

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