Across all makes, models and locations, the average cost for repairing or replacing brake pads and discs is £188.21. Get quotes for your car with

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Brake pads and discs require replacement or repair for tens of thousands of drivers in the UK each month.

In 2016 alone, over 70,000 drivers used WhoCanFixMyCar to get quotes for repair on brake pads and discs.

In order to help you understand how the price of this specific service type fluctuates from one city to another as well as between car brands, we have created the following report.

Analysing tens of thousands of individual estimates, we have been able to create accurate averages for ten major UK cities while also revealing which car brands have the highest and lowest costs associated with brake pads and disc repairs.

We’ll now dive a little deeper to see how this average deviates for specific cities across the UK.

Brake Pads and Disc Repair Cost in the UK

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As you can see, on average, the cheapest place in the UK for brake repair is the Welsh city of Bangor which is a HUGE  is 121.35% more expensive than Bath which has the highest average cost in the UK.

It is also interesting to note the 17.68% disparity between Liverpool and Manchester, two cities which are only 40 miles apart.

Surprisingly, Glasgow is 5.96% more expensive than London and Edinburgh is 6.88% costlier than the big smoke! Who said it was more expensive down South?!

Keep in mind that these prices are not exact prices for each city as each price has been calculated using thousands of mechanics estimates for brake pad and disc repair on every make and model of car.

The only way to find out how much it will cost you exactly, if you need a repair, is to get free and bespoke quotes from the best garages in your local area.

WhoCanFixMyCar gets quotes for tens of thousands for drivers each month and help remove the stress from car maintenance. If you would like to get your own quotes, click here now. 

Brand analysis

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A trend that we have recognised in our other previous reports, is that the premium car brands are consistently more expensive to repair than their cheaper counterparts listed below.

Comparing the car brand with the highest repair costs associated with brake pads and discs with the one with the lowest, there is a whopping 52.16% difference between Jaguar and Fiat.

Fiat is even 9.58% less expensive than the second Smart showing that the Italian brand is definitely doing something right when it comes to manufacturing!

If you need a selection of quotes from local garages WhoCanFixMyCar can help.

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