We have secured a 50% discount on the cost of installing EDT Automotive Machines for any WhoCanFixMyCar garage!
An ETD machine
The offer runs until the end of June and applies to Automotive Engine and Auto Transmission Detox Machines.

EDT machines are used to significantly improve the performance of car engines and getting one installed will allow you to offer your customers an even better service if they are looking to enhance the health of their cars.

An EDT Machine will;

• Improve fuel economy by up to 25%

• On average, increase power by 6BHP and torque by 7Ftlb
• Lower CO2 emissions by 69% on average

• Lower smoke emissions by an average of 58%

• Prevent premature engine wear

• Remove sludge, debris and varnish from an engine

• Provide a smoother and quieter running engine

Here’s how it works….
How an ETD machine works

Over 1,000 treatments are being sold each month and 99.6% of drivers are reporting that they are highly satisfied with the results!

Dave H, West Sussex;

“BIG improvement! It feels like a brand new car and now pulls like a train compared to before! I’m still smiling and think I will be doing for a long time!”

Green apple award winner
The machine only takes 15 minutes to complete its cycle so you can dramatically improve the performance of a customers car in a very short time if you choose to take the installation offer.

If you choose to have an installation, you’ll also receive full training on how to use the machine.

EDT Managing Director, David Holmes, said;

“In a standard automatic transmission fluid change, you’d be lucky if you get 60 per cent of the oil changed, so you’re always working on 40 per cent contaminated oil. With the machine we’re bringing to the market, the minimum it’s going to change is 78 per cent.”

The long term benefits to a vehicles health are numerous and offering the service will allow you to deliver a unique proposition to customers, helping you to stand against other garages in your area.

Remember, the 50% discount is only available until the end of June for WCFMC garages so now is the best time to take advantage of the offer!

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