As a garage owner, you’ll understand how important it is that you and your team are fully trained and up to date on the latest technological advancements being developed on vehicles.

Via, VARTA are delighted to offer you and your team, access to exclusive training workshops so that you understand how to replace every type of battery including AGM and EFB for stop-start vehicles.

To access training from VARTA experts, you MUST be a member of the Varta Professional Network.

To become a VARTA Professional, email;

[email protected]

But that’s not all…

If you would like to get instant help with fitting car batteries, you can access the VARTA partner portal by clicking the button below!


You can discover if the correct battery is fitted in moments so make sure to make use of this valuable resource!

Discover more about the VARTA Partner Portal 

The VARTA Partner Portal is an online tool that turns workshops into battery experts.

Start-stop technology is on a roll: Johnson Controls, the global battery manufacturer behind the VARTA brand estimates that by 2020 every 3rd car that enters a workshop will be equipped with start-stop technology. This technology transition is supporting the reduction of fuel consumption and is therefore welcomed by car drivers. A lot of workshop professionals’ heads, however, are spinning.

Johnson Controls, as their service partner, knows the challenges workshops face: Not only are the vehicle electronics becoming increasingly complex. Battery testing and replacement is getting more difficult for workshops too. Battery service time has increased to up to 60 minutes because batteries are installed in the boot, under the seats or in other places that are hard to access. Mechanics face more complexity in the battery service and need for example, 28 steps to replace a battery in a Volkswagen Touareg. That’s a big challenge for aftermarket workshops which are not adequately prepared for servicing start-stop vehicles yet.

VARTA aims to prepare workshops for new situations around battery service. The VARTA Partner Portal is a convenient, accessible online service enabling every workshop employee to change a battery as quickly and accurate as possible. With this tool, workshops save valuable time and costs.

Access to the VARTA Partner Portal is available via all internet-enabled devices: after a quick one-off registration, each workshop employee has free and unlimited access to step-by-step instructions including photos, the right part number and battery location so that the correct battery is installed in the quickest time possible.

With the new VARTA Partner Portal, Johnson Controls follows its commitment to continuously supporting the Aftermarket to better serve existing and future needs. Workshops can directly benefit from the expertise of the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries.

To access this, interested WCFMC workshops should visit the VARTA partner portal to register and benefit from the wealth of technology information and fitting instructions. Be sure to fit the right battery for the vehicle – fit VARTA.


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