To help you understand more about how an alloy wheel is repaired on a car, we have created this simple guide.

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What kind of damage can be caused to an alloy wheel?

Alloy wheels commonly pick up cracks and damage around the outer rim which is typically caused by a car hitting a curb or a speed bump too hard.

alloy wheel crack

If the impact is especially hard, an alloy wheel could even split, meaning the entire part needs to be replaced and a spare fitted until you can get into a garage and have a brand new wheel fixed to your car.

alloy wheel split

Dust particles and small stones will also chip away the paint on alloy wheels over time resulting in the degradation of the paint.

alloy wheel paint damage

How much will repair cost?

The cost of repairing an alloy wheel will depend on the extent of the damage to the part.



Alloy Wheel Crack Repair

One or two cracks can be welded shut by a mechanic, so don’t think that you need a brand new alloy if you spot a couple of cracks, however, if there are three or more cracks on the alloy, you will need to buy a new one entirely.

This is because the structural integrity of the part will be compromised to an extent which is beyond repair. If a weld was completed on several cracks, the wheel would not be safe to drive on. 

The cost to weld a crack will also vary on the length of the crack itself meaning the only way to get an accurate price is by getting a free and personalised quote from the best garages in your local area for alloy wheel repair. 

The cost of a new alloy wheel will also depend on the type of car you drive, simply put, the bigger the wheel, the more it will cost.


Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

If the damage is purely cosmetic, as shown in the third image at the top of the page, the repair is much more simple and will not require heavy treatment.

Powder coating is a service which restores the cosmetic appearance of an alloy wheel and the process is a relatively simple one.

  1. The wheel is blasted by hand or given a chemical strip to remove the top layer of lacquer and paint.
  2. The wheels are then dressed and filed in order to deal with potential damage to the edges of the wheel rim.
  3. The wheel is then gently heated to remove air from the alloy before the first layer of powder coat finish is applied.
  4. The wet-in-wet procedure can then be applied before further thermal treatment.

The cost of having a powder coat applied to a wheel is also dependent on the extent of the damage and the size of the weel so get in touch with a great local garage by clicking here to find out how much it will cost you!


Alloy Wheel Repair Cost

If you need a wheel repair or replacement you can take your car to a garage after getting quotes or you can have a mobile mechanic perform an alloy wheel repair by coming out to your home or place of work, however, a moble mechanic will NOT be able to perform a powder coat or perform a diamond cut as large machines are required to carry out the work.


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