Audi’s are luxury vehicles; unmatched in their sleek interiors and impressive bodywork. They are a highly desirable car make among motorists and petrol heads, with a reputation for innovation. However, the question that crops up time and time again is price. With a LOT of people being scared away by fears that Audi’s are expensive to repair and maintain.

However, Who Can Fix My Car have used our huge pool of data from over 2 million jobs across over 14,000 UK garages to calculate the average cost of Audi repairs and maintenance. A well-maintained car will undoubtedly have a longer lifespan, so servicing costs must be seen as a saving long-term as they prevent you from needing a new vehicle as quickly, as well as improve the resale value.

So, are Audi’s expensive to repair? The disappointing truth is yes, Audi’s are one of the most expensive car makes to maintain. Nevertheless, they have a good reputation for dependability. Thus, these ‘expensive repairs’ may not crop up as often as they do with slightly cheaper models with less sturdy and reliable parts.

The main reason that repair cost is so high is that the replacement parts themselves are expensive.

Driving with care and having your car serviced regularly, both at a garage and completing regular checks at home, will undoubtedly reduce the number of repairs required and improve the car components’ longevity.


Average Audi Servicing and MOT Costs

When it comes to MOT and Servicing, are Audi’s Expensive to Repair…


Service typeAverage priceGet quotes
Full Service£ 157.89
MOT£ 40.61
Full Service and MOT£ 188.17
Oil Change£ 76.79
Interim Service£ 99.78
Interim Service and MOT£ 133.00
Vehicle Health Check£ 45.66
Servicing and MOT - Other£ 183.76
Engine Carbon Clean£ 116.76
Fuel Economy Service£ 146.66
Brake Fluid Change£ 55.89
Winter Check£ 62.43
DSG Oil Service£ 172.99
Summer Check£ 40.32



Ways to reduce your Audi repair cost and maintenance bills

Warranties – Will undeniably come in useful if you anticipate multiple repairs.

Use the manufacturer recommended oil; this will prolong the life of your engine. For an Audi this is always a fully synthetic motor oil, refer to your manual for the grade spec recommendation.

Check car components regularly, to keep on top of maintenance e.g keep oil, brake fluid and coolant levels checked and change oil regularly.

Check tyre pressure level regularly and amend when needed, this makes for safer driving and longer-lasting tyres.

Drive carefully: breaking bad driving habits such as riding the clutch or slamming the brakes will increase component longevity.

Keep the engine air filter clean as dirt will eventually destroy your engine. Keeping it nice, clean and lubricated makes it last a whole lot longer. Your engine is the most expensive part to repair, so it should be your main priority to protect it!

Study your owner’s manual, doing all that is required of you and following any maintenance tips! If you can’t find yours, there is likely a downloadable copy online via your manufactures website.


Are Audi's Expensive to Repair? Audi servicing and MOT costs revealed


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