As the UK’s leading local garage and mechanic comparison service, tend to know a thing or two about car repairs and the reliability of the UK’s most popular cars. Using data from the Department of Transport and our own database, we’ve compared the 50 most popular cars on UK roads, which account for 59% of cars currently registered, to find out which one has the lowest average maintenance cost, likelihood of needing a repair and the three most common parts that might need to be replaced on each car. All figures were collated between September 2017 and September 2018.

The Annual Maintenance Cost of Each Car

We calculated how much each car costs to maintain at different ages, from brand new to 15 years old. Using that data, we created an average cost for each car per year. Each figure includes servicing, MOT and any unexpected repairs that may arise.

According to our data, the Fiat Punto is the cheapest car to maintain, costing only £255 per year. The visual below shows every car in the top 50, divided by market segment, and their average maintenance cost according to the database.

Average Maintenance Cost UK cars


The Audi A1 is the Most Reliable Car in the UK have also analysed how many repairs are carried out through our website for each car. We then compared those figures to official car registration statistics from the Department of Transport which has shown that the Audi A1 is currently the top car for reliability on the road out of the UK’s top 50. There are over 170,000 registered Audi A1’s on UK roads and only 107 needed a repair through the service between September 2017 – September 2018.

Use our interactive top 50 list to see where your car is placed and the likelihood of needing a repair every year

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The Repair Affordability Challenge

To help motorists avoid potentially shocking repair bills in the future, have grouped cars from each segment together and used our database to show the three most common components that may need to be repaired and their cost. Find out which car is least likely to set you back throughout the year and is the repair affordability winner.

Supermini Winner: Nissan Micra

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Supermini reliability

Hatchback Winner: Peugeot 208

Hatchback reliability

SUV Winner: Nissan Juke

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SUV reliability

Executive Winner: Mercedes E Class

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Executive reliability

Luxury Hatchback Winner: Audi A1

Luxury-hatchback reliability

City Car Winner: Toyota Aygo

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City-Car reliability

Saloon Winner: Skoda Octavia


MPV Winner: Nissan Note

MPV reliability

Luxury SUV Winner: Land Rover Range Rover

Luxury-SUV reliability


The UK Loves Superminis, Ford & Vauxhall

Superminis are the most popular car segment within the top 50 featuring 12 cars on our list and a total of over 6.2m registrations. Hatchbacks follow closely behind superminis, with both car segments being renowned for their affordability and reliability, meaning that they appeal to a wider array of consumers. A potential surprise is the fact that executive cars, which can cost upwards of £60,000, are third on our list, outperforming the increasingly popular SUV segment and city cars for reliability.

Ford and Vauxhall lead the way as the most popular car brands, with 5 cars each on the road out of the top 50. Although Volkswagen only have 3 models on our list, they account for a massive 2.05m of car registrations, that’s more than any other car brand on average excluding the motoring powerhouse of Ford.

UK car

If you’re wanting even more advice when it comes to buying a new car or maintaining your own, has you covered. Use our interactive car maintenance guide to hear from our experts on the best way to maintain your car. Alternatively, if you’re thinking of purchasing a car in the executive range, visit our comparison guide between BMW, Audi and Mercedes to find out which car costs the most to maintain.