WhoCanFixMyCar.com has created an interactive quiz in which users have to name some of motoring’s most recognisable alloy wheels while they’re in motion. At the beginning of each question, the alloy wheel will begin to spin but will gradually slow down as each question approaches its time limit of 10 seconds to make the alloy easier to recognise. It’s your job to guess the correct car that the alloy wheel belongs to in the quickest possible time.

At the end of the quiz, there’s also the chance to enter your name or pseudonym onto our quiz leaderboard, allowing you to see where you rank among other petrolheads who have also taken the quiz. Although you’re welcome to attempt the quiz as many times as you like, only your first score will be recorded on our leaderboard – so make it count. Your position on the leaderboard will be measured by your score, and then by the time, it took you to complete the quiz.

You can play the quiz below or alternatively play the full-screen version here.

Tips To Top The Leaderboard

Follow these 5 tips to give yourself the best chance of finishing in pole position:

– Balance your confidence that your answer is correct with the time you’re taking on each question. There’s no point finishing the quiz in record time only to find that you have only answered 2 of the 10 questions correctly.

– Try to visualise what each alloy wheel will look like while stationary to help you answer each question in the fastest possible time.

– It’s important to keep an eye on the timer above each alloy wheel to avoid running out of time and not being able to submit an answer to the question. Ten seconds will fly by when you’re trying to identify each alloy wheel.

– If you’re stuck on a question, look at the available answers and try to work out which car manufacturer is most likely to create an alloy like the one that is displayed. For example, Lamborghini tends to style their cars with a more of a crazy, outgoing style compared to the more cultured Maserati range.

– Check out the example screenshot below of what one of the questions looks like to familiarise yourself with the quiz.

Alloy Wheel Quiz

We at WhoCanFixMyCar.com like to think that we know our cars inside and out, so our team were naturally eager to test their motoring knowledge when we created this interactive car alloy quiz. Below, you can see where some of our team members rank on the leaderboard. Think you can do better? Give our quiz a try for yourself and see if you can knock some of the  WhoCanFixMyCar.com team off top spot. Good luck!

Alloy Wheel Quiz Leaderboard

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