Sometimes identifying an issue with your vehicle is hard work, particularly when the problem isn’t obvious. Sometimes this causes drivers to put jobs off, often resulting in more extensive and costly repairs. We can take signs communicated to us by our cars to work out what is wrong and diagnose any issues. In today’s case, we are assessing what is wrong when your car is making a thumping noise…


Car makes thump sound when driving

If there is a thumping noise when driving and it sounds like it is coming from your wheels, your tyres are most likely worn irregularly and you may need a replacement. Keeping your tyres at the appropriate pressure and tread is crucial in remaining safe whilst on the road. Therefore, uneven wear shouldn’t be dismissed as a minor problem. Deal with the issue promptly to avoid other problems or even accidents occurring.  

If the thumping noise sounds like its coming more from the front end of your vehicle your symptoms suggest that there could be a problem with your suspension system. Have the suspension inspected and fixed in order for your car to run safely and smoothly. 


Car makes thumping noise when accelerating

The thump happening whenever you accelerate, and felt towards the front of your vehicle, sounds like either your starter motor mount or transmission mount is broken. Have a mechanic carry out a diagnostic to uncover which is the issue and to book in for repair. Using for your repairs allows you to compare prices and reviews from great local garages near you to secure the best deal and quality of work.


Car makes thump sound when slowing down / braking

A thumping sound when your car is braking, usually one that comes from the front wheels, is a sign that your brake rotors have warped. Have these looked at and repaired or replaced AS A PRIORITY. Leaving your brakes in an unsafe condition could be disastrous and potentially cause an accident.