The radiator in a car is necessary for keeping the vehicle cool and circulating coolant around the system. Certainly, without it the car would quickly run into trouble and serious problems could arise.

The radiator is one part of many that makes up the cooling system. Additionally, there are a number of functions that it carries out to keep a cars engine at a safe temperature. But how much does it cost to get the car repaired? Using data from the millions of car repairs facilitated through Who Can Fix My Car, we have been able to compile our findings for drivers.


Car Radiator Repair Cost

If you need a car radiator repair, the best way to get an accurate quote is to enter your details on the service page and get competitive quotes from the best car radiator garages in your area.

However, prices will differ according to car make/model, your location within the UK and the garage or mechanic themselves.

The average cost of car radiator repair across different car makes can be found in the table below:


Car MakeAverage Price