Did you know that as well as being one of the country’s leading car repair and maintenance comparison websites, we’re also a bunch of data geeks? Yup, we are – and our latest project has seen us deep-dive into our archives to get the lowdown on car repair prices all over the UK. ‘Cos that’s our bag.

Given we’re connected to thousands of garages and mobile mechanics the length and breadth of the country, we’re able to amass loads of data about the types of repair and maintenance jobs our customers book-in for.

Where is the most expensive placce for car repairs in the UK?

So – where’s the most expensive place in the UK to get your car repaired? Take a look at our shiny new infographic for all the details…

We Reveal Car Repair Costs Across The UK!

Here’s what we found:

  1. Some regions are more than 30% cheaper than the most expensive locations.
  2. It’s true that it can be cheaper to get your car fixed in the north of the UK – with car repair prices in Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow all a bit easier on the pocket. Not Leeds though!
  3. And yet – while London might be the most expensive city for car repair and maintenance (£233), it’s not that much pricier than the UK average of £220. What’s more, some UK regions are far more costly than individual cities. Take East Anglia (£241) and the South East (£238), for example.

And that’s not all – we’ve got lots of interesting data about the most popular car models per region and the types of repair motorists in each region are most likely to need. Our favourite headline stats are:

  • Jaguars are extremely popular in Birmingham, with Midlands-based drivers 78% more likely to own one. (Clue: the Jaguar Land Rover plant, in Castle Bromwich, has been making Jaguars since the mid-1970s…)
  • Given the diversity of terrain and occasionally inclement weather, it’s perhaps no surprise that Scots are more likely to drive Suzukis and Subarus.

And, despite lower driving speeds, Londoners are more likely to request bodywork or dent repairs (probably all that congestion)…

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