Drivers using mobile phones is always a contentious talking point, especially since the legislation changed to impose stronger penalties in 2017. That’s why we decided to ask our users what they thought about it, along with other technology used in cars.


Our findings revealed that nearly two thirds (65%) of British drivers believe in-car tech such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and sat navs are just as distracting as phones, while 69% don’t think penalties for being on your phone whilst your car is stationary should be the same as if you are driving.


The current law in the UK states that if the car is running and you are on your phone, you could receive six points and be subject to a fine – regardless of whether your car is moving or not.


Almost 70% of those surveyed believed the penalties should be lower if your car is stationary, and almost two thirds of people believe that in-car technology is just as distracting as a phone and should be subject to the same penalties.


Following the survey, we think laws should be changed to reflect the increases in technology installed in cars, but we want to know what you think.


Should the laws around mobile phone use be revised to cover in-car tech?


Do you think the Government should consider increased leniency for drivers using their phone while pulled over or stationary?


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