The average clutch replacement cost across the UK is £446.49. Use to get personal quotes from local garages.

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Clutch problems are common for UK drivers and having them repaired or replaced can be a costly expense. sends thousands of estimates for clutch repair and replacement to drivers each month, meaning we are able to build a clear picture of average pricing for specific models and locations.

In 2016 alone, we sent over 79,000 quotes for clutch repair and replacement to UK drivers.

Firstly, we’ll take a look at how ten major UK cities compare when it comes to the average cost of clutch replacement, before showing you which car brands have the highest and lowest costs for the same type of repair.

Average Clutch Replacement cost across the UK

Average Clutch Replacement Cost Across UK 


Surprisingly, on average, London is the eighth cheapest city to have a clutch replaced on our list! This goes against the commonly accepted notion that everything is more expensive down south!

Instead, the Welsh city of Cardiff is the most expensive city to have a clutch replacement carried out while the likes of Newcastle and Nottingham are also over £50 more expensive than the capital.

Remember that these are all the average prices of clutch replacement in each of these locations and if you want an exact price for your specific car, you should get bespoke quotes from local garages by using WhoCanFixMyCar for free by clicking here.

Before we move onto comparing the cost of clutch replacement for car brands, here are the five signs that your clutch needs to be replaced.

Spongy clutch

A clear sign of you needing to have a new clutch fitted is if the clutch pedal feels spongy to press with your foot. This will most likely be the result of a worn down clutch and you should get quotes from local garages to get the problem seen to as soon as possible.

Burning smell

If you detect a burning smell while driving, stop immediately. There could be die to any number of problems, one of which could be the clutch in your car. Friction is naturally created within the clutch when you change gears, however, when the part is worn or damaged, heat builds up to create a burning smell. When you take your car to a local garage as a result of this issue, make sure to mention the smell as this will help the mechanic to diagnose the problem much quicker.

Difficulty changing gears

If you having problems changing gears, this will be one of the clearest signs of your car requiring a clutch replacement. The clutch will have worn down and will be struggling to engage each time you try to move up or down a gear. If you notice this problem at an early stage, you may not have to pay for an entire clutch replacement, you may simply need to have a small clutch repair carried out which will likely be significantly less expensive.

Higher biting point

As your clutch degrades over time, the biting point will generally get higher and higher. This is another clear sign that your car needs its clutch replacing as the part will be struggling to connect and engage. Once more, even if there is a slight change in where your biting point is, get free quotes from local mechanics to see how much you will have to pay for a repair.

Visible damage

You may think that it would be difficult to see clutch damage as the part is buried deep within your car engine, however, many models allow access by removing the inspection cover of the bell housing to get a view of the clutch. A clear sign of clutch damage is the presence of a fine black dust.

Clutch Replacement Cost by Brand

As well as revealing the average cost of clutch replacement in ten of the biggest UK cities, we have also dug into our data to show which car brands are the most expensive when it comes to clutch replacement.

5 Most Expensive Car Brands for Clutch Replacement 
Alfa Romeo£487.01
Land Rover£459.44


5 Least Expensive Brands for Clutch Replacement 


As demonstrated above, the premium brands carry significantly higher clutch replacement costs where as the less expensive cars have much lower costs.

Once more, the figures on display represent an average cost for each brand! If you would like an exact estimate for the specific issue your car has, whatever the problem may be, you can get free bespoke quotes from local garages by using!


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