Summer isn’t always an easy ride for your vehicle, in may ways it can have as much impact as winter driving. Along with higher temperatures, for those opting for a staycation it will likely mean the most mileage your car does all year.

You might want your vehicle to undertake a summer car check before hitting the road; similar to that of a winter or vehicle health check it is simply an overview of the car’s main systems to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and thus safe to drive.

Here are some components to take extra care of to keep you comfortable during the warm weather and those worth checking to avoid a summer breakdown:

Air Conditioning System

Maintaining your aircon is essential all year round. In the winter months it prevents windows steaming up, making visibility better and drives safer. However, it is way more crucial in the summer to prevent your from overheating and keeping  you alert on the roads.

If you notice the air blowing out of your AC is not as cool as it should be, it is likely that you need an aircon regas. This procedure is relatively inexpensive and is usually required every 2 years or so.

Tyres, Wheels and Tracking

This one isn’t so much weather related, its more to due with wear and tear. Any UK road trips will likely mean long journeys and will likely highlight any potential issues with your tyres. Any cracks may worsen under the increased pressure of a long journey, causing further damage. Make sure to inspect your tyres before a trick.

Another wheel-related note is that one of the most common call-outs for breakdown recovery firms during the summer is for cars with punctures and no spares to hand. To avoid this (completely avoidable issue) is by remembering to check whether they have a spare tyre before setting off.


With longer journeys with often slower-moving traffic in the summer (particularly around bank holidays), your clutch will undoubtedly be affected. – Of course much more so if you have a habit of riding it!

Ensure it is in tip-top condition before any long journeys and drive with extra care, be kind to your clutch!


Check whether your car is due any services prior to your trip – the maintenance schedule for your vehicle will be in your vehicle handbook. Whether it be your recommended annual full service, an interim at the 6 month mark or more importantly your MOT! Not only do these maintain the resale value of your car and keep it legal, they also guarantee utmost safety and reduce the risk of breakdowns!

Wherever you go this summer, stay safe and look after your car as well as your person and continue to follow government guidelines regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.