An MOT is the official annual test carried out by qualified examiners to determine whether your vehicle is deemed roadworthy. Every car must undergo an annual MOT, unless it is registered as brand new, then it needs its first MOT after 3 years.

Cost of MOT

For cars, there is a maximum fee that garages/mechanics can charge for an MOT; £54.85.

However, the actual cost (although being equal to or lower than the above amount) varies garage to garage.

On the average cost of an MOT (using data from MOT’s carried out via our site nationwide of June 2020) is £43.51. Over £10 cheaper than the DVSA’s maximum price limit.

MOT Cost across Car Brands

The average price of an MOT may also vary across vehicles; below you can find the average cost of an MOT across car brands. As you can see there is little disparity between luxury vehicles and those that are less costly.

Get quotes for your MOT

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