Today is a day to treat the one you love with attention, affection, and appreciation, which is why we have created this 10 step guide on how to love your car!

1. Provide a good mix of drinks

keep your oil topped up

Your beloved needs hydration of a range of liquids to stay fit and healthy out there and it is important that you provide the right fluids at the right time!

There are a number of fluids your car needs in healthy supply in order to operate at full capacity, here are the ones you can keep topped up.

Engine Oil

A car will simply grind to a halt if you fail to refill engine oil with a multitude of problems potentially popping up if you fail to recognise how badly your car need lubrication.

Products such as Shell Helix Ultra will keep your car purring along so make sure to keep a bottle close by at all times!

Engine Coolant

Before checking your engine coolant levels, make sure to leave your car to cool down for at least an hour after driving as the fluid will be extremely hot otherwise!

Once you have found the reservoir, look out for a marking on the side of the liquid container as this is where the coolant level should be.

If it is below this line, refill as soon as possible as your poor car will be struggling!

Windshield Washer Fluid

You will be able to locate the washer reservoir by consulting your owner’s manual. Resupply by simply pouring the mixture in with a funnel every six months.

2. Keep cleaning!

keep your car clean

Everybody wants a hygienic, clean and fresh smelling partner for the road so why would you allow yours to turn into a dirty mess?

Dirt can hurt! Mixed with rain and pollutants, the paint on your car will get damaged!

Make sure to give your car a good scrub every couple of months to avoid paint damage.

3. Behave yourself…

don't take driving risks

Nobody likes a reckless and careless partner, your car deserves the only the best treatment, anything less and you’ll find yourself in trouble.

Driving in a certain way will ensure you’ll hurt your car, so please, don’t be that person, cars are very sensitive to abuse.

Don’t ride the clutch, don’t rev the engine in the cold, don’t drag your brakes while going downhill and don’t ignore warning lights!

4. Keep them healthy!

look after the health of your car

If something goes wrong, don’t try to fix the problem yourself, get to a professional who will fix the problem properly.

It’s not worth buying new parts either as it’s highly unlikely you’ll get it right and mechanics often refuse to fit driver supplied parts!

Do you think a doctor would treat your loved one with pills you had bought online because they were cheaper than the prescribed medication?!

Want to know how to find the best practitioner for cars in your area? Click here.

5. Don’t be cheap…

Dont pick the cheapest repair

It’s your 30th birthday, you’re sad your 20’s are over but you have settled down with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with so you’re pretty happy.

They give you your present in the morning, something you’ve been looking forward to for months. Is it tickets to Australia? A new Fender guitar? Or tickets to watch England get beat in the group stages of the world cup?


It’s a toaster.

See where we are going? Sometimes, buying cheap just isn’t good enough and it’s the same for your car. Spending as little as possible on parts, servicing and maintenance, will most likely cause your car to suffer an emotional and physical breakdown.

Choose a garage which has a great reputation and plenty of online reviews, just like Patrick, who has hundreds of brilliant reviews which you can read here.

6. The right rubbers are essential…

Getting the right tyres is vital

Anyone in a relationship (with their car of course) knows the importance of the right rubbers…

Tyres (stupid) can suffer from a sudden burst or degrade over time so it is important that you keep an eye on them for damage and worn treads.

Using the right tyres is also important as specially designed ones can make a big difference in adverse weather conditions.

7. Listen and pay attention…

If you hear a noise, pay attention to it.

When something is wrong with your car, you’ll sometimes be able to hear a noise which doesn’t sound right.

The brakes in your car are common culprits of such noises like squeaking and grinding so make sure to keep an ear out, whatever you do, don’t ignore them, seriously, you might think the annoying noise will go away, but it won’t, it never does, trust us.

8. Remember important anniversaries…

You will be in SO much trouble if you forget that special day when you shared your first MOT together because you need one every year without fail!

The same goes for your service!

If you need either soon, get quotes from mechanics in your local area by clicking here.

9. Year-round attention…

If you only care about your better half for certain parts of the year, then that’s just not fair and they deserve better, you’re a selfish waste of space.

Every season brings its own challenges for a car so it’s vital that you look after it throughout the year.

That means getting an Aircon regas in the summer when your car will be using much more power to keep you cool and getting a winter check when it is cold.

10. Treat them every now and again…

Use good products to clean your car
Sometimes, you need to do something special to show your love, and sometimes (most of the time) that means splashing the cash on some luxury goods to demonstrate your affection.

There is a huge variety of products to make a car look and feel high end, so why not go all out and buy a professional cleaning kit, complete with liquid wax, rubbing compound, polish, post-wash-wax, protectant shine, microfiber cloths and applicator pads.

Your car will appreciate it we’re sure!

If you would like to learn more about how to look after your car, follow the links below!





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