Modern cars use a hydraulic braking system which is made of several components, all of which are subject to stress which results in damage.

If you know that you need your brake’s repairing, you can get a range of quotes from mechanics in your local area.

Get Your Brakes Repaired

I’m unsure if my brakes need replacing

However, if you’re unsure whether you need to get your brakes serviced, we’ve produced this handy guide to help you understand when is the right time to have your brakes looked at.

If you need to have your brakes repaired there are several issues that could have caused the problem and several things that could be affected.

If you suspect you need your brakes repaired but your car is still drivable, there are some symptoms which could give you clues as to what the problem is.

The brakes are often the noisiest part of a car if there is an issue which means you should be able to hear if there is a problem.

Here are the tell-tale signs to look out for if there is an issue.

Signs Your Brakes Need Replacing

Metallic grinding noise from brakes

This may be caused by worn out brake pads. If they are so worn down, exposed metal will be clutching metal in an effort to stop the car, so the noise will not be pleasant!

Brake pads are especially designed to handle high amounts of heat and friction so if they are worn down, you’ll be causing serious damage to the exposed metal underneath!

Squeaking from brakes

This is caused when friction is created from the linings of the brakes. Left untreated, further damage will be caused to the brake pads, brake linings, brake drums and rotors.

Fading of low brake pedal

This can be caused by three issues, leakage in the system, air getting into the brake linings or there is a need to adjust the brake.

You will know if there is a problem if you need to pump the brakes to stop the car, alternatively if the pedal sinks all the way to the floor when the car is stopped the problems listed above are the most likely to be causing issue.

Car pulling to one side

This happens when you have a damaged brake line, have worn the brake linings down or have uneven linings.

If you can feel brakes dragging, this is likely to be caused by contaminated fluid being in the system or the brakes not being adjusted properly.

As soon as you notice any of these problems, it is vital that you address the issue.

A mechanic is best qualified to carry out checks due to the variety of components, fluids and materials used to make up a braking system.

If you choose to ignore a drop in performance, you are putting your vehicle and everybody inside at risk.

Tips to repair your brakes

  • When you are having your brake pads replaced, you should also have your discs replaced and ensure each axle has its own new set.
  • During the first 200km the performance of your new brakes may not be tip top as they need to ‘bed in’ you should therefore avoid heavy braking if it can be helped during this time.
  • After installation, you should pump the brake pedal until it becomes stiff to break the new equipment in, however, you should also ensure the wheels freely rotate when the pedal is not pushed down.

Remember, if you need your brakes repaired, can get a range of quotes from garages close to you.

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