From teaching in the classroom to earning a living playing rugby and selling houses before joining as an Account Manager, Alex Ruff has as a diverse and varied background for someone as young as 22.

“I always wanted to be a PE teacher so I decided to start my training at college. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy working with kids so that was the end of that!

“After I finished training, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but I got myself onto an apprenticeship before I tried my hand at playing semi-professional rugby full time.”

Alex also worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau while dealing with the physical demands of his sporting endeavour.

“I was only getting paid £20 a day at the Bureau and it was the hardest job I have done in my entire life, however, it was also the best because for the first time in my life, I got perspective on what I wanted to do.”

After a successful three years working for an estate agents, Alex joined as an Account Manager.

“The first thing I realised when I started was that the business was a living and breathing thing. There was always so much going on and changes being made. The business I had just left hadn’t changed in 30 years!

“Looking at the business model, I could see how much potential there was for expansion which was really exciting for me as an ambitious individual.”

Alex has only been a member of the team for a short few months, but that hasn’t stopped him being able to contribute to how the business operates.

“I have felt that I have been able to express myself and be experimental while being taken seriously which is fantastic.”

WCMFC (WhoCanFixMyCar) receives over 45,000 requests from drivers looking for quotes on car repair and servicing each month.

“The data I have access to is amazing. I am able to pinpoint a garage and see how many drivers are looking for car repair in the same area in real time and show the garage owner simultaneously.

“It is also incredibly rewarding to be able to work for a business which genuinely helps people. There are independent garages all over the UK which have been able to generate serious business using our platform and I really enjoy seeing their success.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear about how WCFMC has helped a garage.”

Though it is still early days for the youngest member of WCFMC, Alex has his eyes set on rapid progress.

“I’m looking to move up the ladder and really establish myself as an important part of the business. It is really nice to feel so valued at a young age and I’m looking forward to repaying the faith that has been put in me.”

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