From the stunning medieval streets of Edinburgh to the golden beaches of Fuerteventura, Nancy Norton is now applying her skills as an Aftersales Support Manager for

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“I left my home city of Edinburgh to move to the Canary Islands when I was 17 and I ended up staying there for 8 years. I worked at the airport and was managing a team of 50 ground staff which was a fantastic experience.”

After soaking in the sun for the best part of a decade, Newcastle and WhoCanFixMyCar was the next stop for Nancy.

“I joined the business because I wanted to be part of something big. I realised that there was a lot of potential for me to grow professionally and for WCFMC (WhoCanFixMyCar) to become an important part of the automotive aftermarket.”

Working as a member of the Bridge team, Nancy is responsible for teaching technicians how to use WCFMC to win work online.

“I’m naturally good with people and helping them understand how to use the system is what I really enjoy. Traditionally, technicians have not been able to use the internet to find customers and earn as much money as they do through word of mouth, but now more and more are using WCFMC to do exactly that.”


Over 10,000 garages across the UK are members of the platform and over 600,000 drivers have used it to find the best ones in their area.

Acting as the perfect middle man, drivers and technicians are able to find each other online, exchanging estimates and bookings.

“The platform is really straight forward and it has a great user interface for motorists and technicians which means anybody can learn how to use it.

“It is really satisfying to see technicians earning money through the system after going through training with me, the extra revenue they earn makes a real difference because a lot of our members run independent family businesses.”

Looking towards the future, Nancy is positive about how far WCFMC can go as well as her personal development.

“We have more and more garages becoming successful on the platform which is great to see. I’m really enjoying the fact that I am playing an important part in their success as well as the growth of WCFMC.”

Outside of her working life, Nancy has even taken it upon herself to improve her knowledge of car maintenance and embarked on a self-funded car repair course.

“I think it is important to understand how cars work under the hood because I talk to technicians all day and I need to be able to speak their language.”

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