“I remember watching a film about coding when I was six and thinking ‘That is what I want to do for the rest of my life’. Now I am leading a team of developers and working for a business which could change the world.”

team leader

Technical Lead, Yaroslav Peteychuk, has been leading the Development team at WhoCanFixMyCar.com for two years and has enjoyed an inspiring rise to the dream job ever since he sat in a cinema and decided on the life he wanted as a child.

“Ever since I watched that film, I wanted to be a Software Engineer, but I can’t even remember what the movie is anymore!”

For some people, it is clear what their path will be in life and Yaroslav demonstrated his determination to success from an early age.

“I developed my first website and business when I was 14 years old by teaching myself all of the necessary skills.”

Growing up in Ukraine, Yaroslav worked in construction with his father as a young man, before leaving home to study a Masters Degree in Computer Science at Rivne State University.

Despite the fact he was a full time student, the young man felt he had even more to offer and so entered the working world while studying.

“I believed that I would learn more effectively in a practical environment as opposed to a classroom so I joined a company called Kontur Plus before setting up my own business, Peteychuk.com.

“I grew the business for three years, during which time I also graduated. I had over 20 projects running and learned how to lead entire teams of people.”

Yaroslav went on to work with Teleportus as a team leader and Kedoff.net, a major online retailer in Ukraine, however, during civil unrest in the country, a decision needed to be made about the future.

“We were suffering from economic and political problems which made me think about what to do next. I decided to learn English and go global. In a year and a half I had a strong grasp of the language, that was when I came across WhoCanFixMyCar.com and an opportunity to join the team.”


“After talking with one of the Co-Founders, Ian Griffiths, I decided to take on the project. I had offers from six other companies who were offering much more money but that was not the important thing to me.

“WCFMC had the potential to make a big difference to people’s lives and solve a lot of problems. The technology and system architecture being used by the business was also very interesting.”

After agreeing to join, Yaroslav was given the opportunity to build his team and continue to grow professionally.

“I love working with Ian and for such an innovative business, we all enjoy spending time together and are constantly looking to improve.

“I focus on database architecture and make sure the system is scalable because the traffic coming to the site increases every week.”

WCFMC currently sends 45,000 driver requests to 10,000 garages each month meaning Yaroslav has to continue to build upon his work.


“I hope to build an even better team and grow the skills of each individual. I read books on psychology and management every night so I can be the best possible leader.

“We’re also implementing major system changes which will allow the business to perform at an enhanced rate so it is a very exciting time for me and the team.

“We’re building amazing products and I hope we can change the world in a small way. The business is offering a huge idea to millions of people and I am proud to be part of that.”

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