“Over the last 4 and half years I have gone from working for a big multinational company to a boutique marketing agency and now have found my perfect fit at a fast-growing start-up.”

Louis Butcher at the London office of WhoCanFixMyCar

Louis Butcher has been working for WhoCanFixMyCar for little over a year, yet the 24 year old has already proven himself as a highly influential member of the business having overseen major development and progress of the company.

From budding business graduate to Digital Marketing Manager in the space of three years, Butcher has now found a role and a company that match his work ethic and ambition.

But how has it all come together in such a short amount of time?

University and Toyota

Butcher explains that it started with the decision many young students struggle with at the age of 18.

“When deciding on which university to go to, I made it a priority to select a course which included practical experience.

“I chose the Business Management (In Company) course at Nottingham Trent University. The university was ranked below all the others I was offered places at in the university league tables. However, the course stood out to me, it included 2 years of work experience at a blue chip company, that company would pay my tuition for me, and it had the best employment ratings.

I didn’t want to sit in a classroom for three years, I wanted to get out into the world and gain practical experience to give me the edge when I graduated.”

Butcher secured a place at Toyota GB for 2 years of work experience as an Aftersales Marketing Coordinator, only returning to University for three weeks each term to attend lectures.

“The learning curve was incredibly steep and I had to sacrifice the university lifestyle which all of my friends were enjoying. They would be heading out whilst I was heading to bed ready for work the next day!”

In his time at Toyota GB, a variety of projects were managed, including the development of an online booking tool, allowing Toyota drivers to book a service or repair at their local dealer.

“Bookings increased by 20% during my time working on it which resulted in over £200,000 of incremental revenue being generated per year.”

Butcher was also involved in redesigning the Toyota GB website as well as promoting Aftersales products and services across the marketing mix.

Following the completion of his course, a decision had to be made, stay with Toyota and within the automotive industry, or move onto the next challenge.

“Although I enjoyed my time at Toyota, marketing as a discipline is what I enjoyed most, there was not any opportunities in marketing available so staying was not something I considered.”

Agency life

Butcher left Toyota after securing a role at Blueprint Partners, working on their Porsche GB account.

“My two years of experience gave me a head-start on other graduates, most people at 21 were still at university or had graduated without any experience.

“I was keen to get agency side experience to get closer to the execution of the marketing activity and my experience in the automotive industry made the transition very smooth.

“I was essentially a marketing consultant. Any marketing support the dealerships needed, I was there to provide, whether it was email campaigns, producing event materials or creating display advertising campaigns, it was my job to deliver. Porsche is a very prestigious brand so the pressure was always on to create outstanding work.”

Louis also managed the re-launch of over 32 new dealer websites as well as several other digital projects.

After a year and a half working for the agency, it was to make the next move.

“I got to a point where I felt restricted in terms of the impact I was able to make in my position; it was a lot of doing what the client wanted without being able to contribute my own ideas.

“I also decided it was time t0 try another industry, automotive was all I had known.”

However, despite the intent to move into a new industry, the industry was far from done with him…


“I came across a role which looked completely different from anything in the industry, it was still an automotive aftermarket digital role, however, the company seemed like it was doing things differently.

“After meeting with the Co-Founders of WhoCanFixMyCar, Al Preston and Ian Griffiths, I was convinced that it was the company that I wanted to invest myself in. They were ready to disrupt the traditional model of car maintenance and I wanted to be part of it.”


The business aggregates the aftersales sector of the industry, connecting drivers looking for car repair online, with garages in their local area.

“It was a really cool idea, aggregation platforms have boomed in recent years and I loved the enthusiasm shown by Al and Ian, who were trying to change the very industry I had become so frustrated with.”

Butcher was hired as a Digital Marketing Executive, though it soon became clear the role would become much bigger than the title suggested.

“I came in on my first day, got given a laptop and was essentially trusted to do what I felt would add value and drive the business towards its greater goals. It was a refreshing situation to be in, I was trusted to use my own ideas.”

As a one-man marketing department, Butcher has had to adapt and learn even more about his trade while driving WCFMC forward.

“If I don’t know how to do something I read and learn how to do it. There isn’t anyone else to delegate it too so I put it upon myself to develop the ability to add value in several different areas. I count myself very lucky to have secured the position and to be working with some incredibly bright minds.

“Before I started this job, I thought it was a myth that people could enjoy work!. But now I’m coming in every day, looking forward to doing whatever it takes to continue to drive the business forward.”

On the challenges of working for a start-up

Digital Marketing Manager Louis Butcher

“There is very little room for error and pressure is high to continuously add value and drive the business forward. You also never switch off because you are so involved but that is something I enjoy.”

So what advice would the young man give to others looking to make a mark in their early career?

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking the course I did at University so I would tell people who are looking for a Uni course to choose one with as much work experience on offer as possible.

“When it comes to getting a job, I think a lot of graduates and young people get hung up on working for huge companies or securing a graduate scheme. I am not saying those are not good opportunities, but they are not your only options. Working for a start-up can be much more rewarding.

“You get to develop incredibly quickly and get given responsibility from day one.”

So, what does the future hold for Butcher and WCFMC?

“The number of drivers registering each month has more than doubled YOY since I started so I would like to continue that growth on the core product. We also have several other products launching so I want to support those with the same level of success.

“As a business, I’d like us to become the go to place for car maintenance. When you think of getting a taxi, you think of Uber, when you think of getting an apartment abroad, you think of Air B’n’B, I want people to think of WhoCanFixMyCar when it comes to looking after your car.”

WhoCanFixMyCar is the biggest marketplace for drivers and garages to find each other in the UK.

With over 500,000 registered motorists and over 9,300 garages signed up to the platform, WCFMC is driving change across the automotive aftermarket.

To learn more about the business, visit www.whocanfixmycar.com or follow the business on social media by selecting on one of the links below.