In the latest of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we’re talking to Rachael Waddicor, the National Business Development Manager for
Rachael Waddicor at Automechanika in Birmingham

Discussing her meteroic rise through the media advertising industry, the progress women have made in the automotive aftermarket and the growth of WCFMC (WhoCanFixMyCar), there was plenty to go through when we sat down with Rachael;

“I grew up wanting to be a dentist throughout my teenage years but that all changed! I started my career in advertising working in the local press and was soon headhunted by the Daily Mirror where I spent three years before moving to the Daily Mail.”

Focusing efforts on working with the likes of; Jaguar Landrover, major media agencies such as TMP Worldwide, Brilliant Media, EuroRSCG Riley and other major blue chip companies, Rachael spent 13 years developing her reputation and skills and carving out her career at the Daily Mail.

“It was fantastic to be part of such a huge organisation where I enjoyed a lot of success, however, during the time I was with the Mail, the internet became more and more powerful and the traditional way of advertising transformed.”

Despite the rules of the game changing, Rachael continued her rise in the automotive advertising industry, working for some of the biggest media organisations in the UK and the world.

“I worked for News International where I helped launch Sunday Times Driving and Sun Motors online classified car portals which were central to the strategy of targeting the automotive industry.”

Rachael spent the next two years developing relationships with The AM Top 100 and Motortrader Top 200 accounts and working closely with high profile franchises and car supermarkets across the UK.

After a brief stint at the Guardian where CEO David Pemsel awarded Rachael with the Good to Great Award, and two and a half years at, a call arrived from WhoCanFixMyCar.
“I had never worked for a start-up like WCFMC before so I was intrigued by how, as a small business, they were carving a place in the automotive aftermarket out for themselves.

“There was clearly a huge amount of opportunity for garages, drivers and businesses wanting to advertise their goods because WCFMC had effectively created an entire marketplace where all three could connect online.”

Taking the position of National Business Development Manager, Rachael was given the chance to shape a role which hadn’t even existed before she arrived.

“I had never seen growth or growth trajectory like it before. The business had come so far in only five years, I couldn’t imagine how far it could go in the next five.

“I was incredibly excited about joining because I was being given the chance to help the business grow and develop even more and make my own mark.”

On the differences between working for a media organisation and a start-up;

“I expected it to be really tough because I was used to having entire marketing and data analytics departments at my disposal which meant I could basically get whatever I wanted, but I was supported just as much by everyone at WCFMC.

“All of my ideas are listened to and I am able to call on the owners of the business whenever I need which I would never be able to do in my previous positions.” was launched in 2011 and is currently receiving 0ver 37,000 new driver sign-ups a month and has over 9,800 garages signed up as members.

With over half a million drivers registered in total, the business is enjoying healthy growth as each month passes.

“I haven’t been part of the business for too long but we have grown so much and hired some incredible people since I came on board. Jonas Vang Gregerson has joined as Head of Product and Fred Parkes has joined as Chief Finance Officer which is great to see.”

Having enjoyed a fantastic career in an industry typically dominated by men, Rachael has seen a major change when it comes to the role women are playing in the automotive aftermarket.

“I have seen more and more women holding senior positions and young ones coming through on apprenticeship schemes which is great to see. Mindsets are clearly changing and that will help the aftermarket move forwards like so many other industries which have prioritised equality in the workplace.”

So what does the future hold for WhoCanFixMyCar, Rachael and the entire aftermarket industry?

“I am really enjoying myself! The people I am meeting are really receptive to working with WhoCanFixMyCar and it feels like we are making positive changes in the aftermarket industry. To be able to work for a company which is a genuine force for good is really satisfying as well.

“I’m hoping to be able to build my own team moving forwards and continue to contribute to the success of the business!”

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