Juan is the proud owner of TBD Vehicle Care, based in Bristol. The garage, dedicated to providing exceptional service, as proven by the 5/5 star rating on WhoCanFixMyCar.com, has enjoyed great success since opening its doors in March 2018.

TBD Vehicle Care Juan working on car

Juan has over 25 years’ experience in the industry, having previously worked at numerous other garages. But it was in 2012 that Juan decided he wanted a change of pace and a change of scenery. So rather than moving down the road or going on a holiday for a couple weeks, he jetted off to South America!

“I spent 5 years out in South America self-employed, between a few different places, Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela. It was a fantastic experience, one that I feel very grateful to have done.”

In 2017 he returned to the UK and went back to work for the garage he had worked with before leaving for South America. However, having got the taste for working for himself, it wasn’t long until Juan decided to leave and set up his own garage.

“It was daunting at first but thankfully WhoCanFixMyCar enabled me to get customers through the doors quickly. The platform has made a huge difference and enabled me to grow the business at a good pace.”

Juan has now won over 154 jobs on the platform and is showing no signs of slowing down. Because of the rapid growth, he will be installing an extra ramp and is looking into recruiting someone else to help him with the amount of work he is winning.

“The platform has been great in winning new customers, but we also see about a 50% repeat rate on those customers too. I am very dedicated to delivering a fantastic customer service and so I think that plays its part in those customers coming back and it is reflected in my reviews on the platform.”

With the amount of work Juan is winning on WhoCanFixMyCar.com, his future is looking bright. We may even see him at the next WhoCanFixMyCar.com Garage Awards if his success continues.

TBD Vehicle Care Juan working on car selfie