Breaking down or realising that something is wrong with your car is an all too familiar annoyance for drivers all over the UK.

You might not know what has gone wrong and you may have to pay a heavy price to resolve the issue.

Whether the problem is big or small, the fact remains that you will have to have your car looked at by a trained professional.

However, choosing the right garage, talking to mechanics, getting a good price and understanding the service can be difficult, even if you are a petrol head.

That is why we have produced this simple guide to help you navigate getting your car repaired at a garage.

We’ve consulted a highly trained professional mechanic to help you understand the most important points of having your car repaired, so make sure to use this guide next time you a suffer breakdown!

1.Don’t just choose a garage for the lowest quote

Don’t just choose a garage for the lowest quote

Like anything in life, it is often true that you get what you pay for and when it comes to car repair, and it’s no different when it comes to car maintenance as choosing the cheapest option can come back to bite you.

If a mechanic or garage offers you a drastically reduced price for a repair compared to others, they may be sacrificing quality somewhere in the service.

If that is the case, it will likely cause you serious problems down the line as the actual issue may not be resolved and you may simply have delayed major breakdown with a cheap repair.

2. Use online ratings and referrals

Use online ratings and referrals

It may sound obvious to some, but making use of reviews is the single best way of finding out just how good a business serves its customers.

You already use the internet to look at reviews for restaurants and hotels and most people visit places off the recommendation of friends and family.

Having your car fixed can be an expensive outlay so it’s vital that the place that you take it for repair will provide a professional service.

You should always be cautious when taking your car to a garage or mechanic you have never heard of before, so make sure to do your research and listen to the people!

3. Leave it to the experts!

 Leave it to the experts!

The internet is an incredible resource and you have access to more information than anyone else in history.

The same is true of car faults, you can learn a huge amount of detail from small signs your car is giving you by searching online.

That is why it is so tempting to try to diagnose the problem and fix it yourself.

However, this is not advisable as the only way to be sure of a problem is to have a professional look at the issue.

Joe Stevenson, from Delilahs Tyres and Service, said; “It is incredibly difficult to diagnose a problem if you don’t have the proper training and tools. A professional mechanic could take a couple of hours to figure out an exact problem as there may be an issue on a part buried in the engine.”

“You wouldn’t try to repair your own boiler or fix an electrical problem on your cooker so you shouldn’t try to fix your car!”

If you hear your car making a strange noise or you suffer break down, don’t try to figure out what went wrong, get yourself to a specialist!

Furthermore, if you try to fix a problem and you aren’t an expert, there is a high probability that you will end up causing a much bigger problem for yourself and you’ll end up spending EVEN more money on a repair.


It’s a garages worst nightmare as the technicians wont be insured to fit the parts a driver provides! If you buy parts and take them to a garage to fit, you will be turned away and left out of pocket!

4.Leave positive feedback after a good service

Leave positive feedback after a good service

Fixing a major problem can take a mechanic time and a huge amount of effort and those that complete work to the best of their abilities are a credit to the industry.

There are some mechanics who will actively turn work away as it is too complex whereas others will do their absolute best to help you get back on the road.

Louis Butcher, Digital Marketing Manager for said; “All servicing businesses rely on positive reviews to promote their business. Online feedback also helps to identify the businesses which provide a poor service so it is just as important to leave feedback for the benefit of other consumers.”

That is why it is vital that you help the best garages by providing positive reviews and referrals. It means that you will be able to develop a positive and long lasting relationship with a garage who will be able to get to know you and your car.

Leaving feedback is vital for independent garages as well as those that are part of big groups as online reviews are one of the most valuable resources!

5.Provide as much information as possible

Provide as much information as possible

When it comes to car repairs, it is vital that every detail is covered to ensure a proper job can be completed.

If you have to take your car to a garage you haven’t been to before, make sure to tell them about the most recent repair work you have had in the past.

Joe from Delilahs Tyres and Service said; “Knowing the repair history of a car is really useful. It means a mechanic can rule certain problems out. For example, if you have had a new cambelt fitted but you suffer from a breakdown, it is highly unlikely that the new belt is to blame so it won’t need checking.”

If you have a log book, you should make use of it and keep track of all of the repair work that has been carried out.

This could prove to be invaluable to a mechanic so do your best!
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