The Fiat 500 is one of the most popular city cars on the market. Priced from £12 165 you get a lot for your money. Inspired by the 1957 classic, the fiat 500 is a timeless vehicle available in a range of colours and modifications.  Part of its popularity is probably the way the Fiat 500 combines style and function.

As with most city cars the Fiat 500 is a four-seater with limited space in the rear. The interior is sleek and looks more expensive than it is. In true city car fashion boot/storage space are limited. It’s also worth noting that the Fiat 500 is only available as a three-door, which may be a deal breaker if car seats are required. The Fiat 500 can be upgraded to include an infotainment system and other additional add-ons alike.

If the Fiat 500 is a little too expensive, or you’d simply prefer a car with 5 doors, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives. A very good thing about the Fiat 500 is that due to its popularity, and timelessness the vehicle holds on to its value much longer than majority of its alternatives.


  1. Dacia Sandero

The cheapest new car you can buy is the Dacia Sandero priced from £6 995, and one of the roomier in the small car category with 5 seats. Whilst the Sandero is significantly cheaper than the Fiat 500, you get what you pay for. The entry level model is without air conditioning or a radio so it’s worth upgrading.  The premium Sandero model is £11 400 which is still cheaper than the Fiat 500.  Every Sandero comes with a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty, a two-year paintwork guarantee and six-year anti-corrosion policy. The Dacia also retains its value so if you were to tire, reselling should be plain sailing.

In production since 2007, the Sandero has consecutively won What Car? Best small car less than £12 000 since 2013.


  1. Skoda Citigo

The Skoda Citigo has been in production since 2011 and is sometimes referred to as the ‘sister car’ of the Volkswagen Up as it’s built on the Volkswagen group platform. It is cheaper than the Up with prices starting from £9 000. Unlike the Fiat 500, the Citgo is available in both three and five door versions.

As expected due to the low price point the interior is made of cheap materials, however it does not look cheap. The interior of the Up is slightly nicer however it is more expensive.  Like the Fiat 500 the Citigo only has four seats, but it is roomy in the rear and has a much bigger boot at 251 litres. Whilst the car is initially cheaper to buy the Up will hold onto its value for longer.

The Citigo won several awards such as the What Car? Car of the Year 2018 awards for Best city car £9 500- £11 000 and the Car of the Year awards Best city Car under £10 000 in 2017 and 2016.


  1. Hyundai i10

Here we have Hyundai’s version of the city car, available upwards of £9 200 and in a five door as standard. The i10 is very roomy, has 3 seats in the rear and a big boot space, only bigger than the Citigo and only slightly smaller than the Corsa. The interior is quite plastic looking but well designed. To get additional features such as air conditioning and the infotainment system that the initial price begins to rise.  The  Premium i10 with all the bells and whistles is available from £12 330 which is only slightly more than an entry level Fiat 500. You’d certainly get more for your money with the i10.

The i10 has won a number of awards including Honest Johns ‘ Most Highly Rated Car of the Year which is quite significant as it’s users who decide.


  1. Toyota Aygo

Toyotas cheapest and smallest car priced at £9295 with a 1 litre engine. The Aygo is available in both three and five door versions. The interior is basic but nice. It’s worth noting that the dashboard is very small and condensed.  Once again, we’re looking at a city car with only two seats in the rear.  The three-door version makes it difficult for adults to get into the rear comfortably and would also be difficult to take children in and out of car seats.

If more than city driving is required it could be worth picking another car on this list, as the engine is small engine you might feel a bit slow getting up to motorway speeds. On the plus side maintenance, fuel and insurance are very low.


  1. Kia Picanto

The Picanto is available as a five-door standard, available in both diesel and petrol models. The interior is still made of plastic but looks very sleek and durable. There are three seats in the rear if needed but it would be a tight squeeze for three adults. The boot is also large. This is a good vehicle if two car seats are needed.

Kia is famous for its seven year/100 000-mile warranty which applies to every Picanto. Priced from £9 895 you’ll have peace of mind.


  1. Volkswagen Up

Mentioned earlier the Volkswagen Up is Volkswagens version of the city car, competitively priced from £10 080 the Up is available in both three and five doors. Once again this is city car with only four seats, however it’s extremely roomy. The entry level Up also has Volkswagen connect, connecting mobile phones via Bluetooth.

Like all Volkswagens, the Up comes with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty and one year’s breakdown cover. With a range of trims and customisable options something unique can be created. If buying outright it’s important to note that whilst the Up holds on to its value more than other city cars, if the initial spend is doable a Polo could be a better investment.

The Up has won a range of awards including Auto Express 2018 City Car of The Year.



  1. Citroen C1

The entry level  Citroen C1  is very basic, without air conditioning. The interior is also basic with exposed metal on the interior doors so make sure you’ve picked a colour you really like. The boot is narrow which is limiting if a large pushchair is required. The rear is also rather cosy and best suited to children or small adults. The C1 is available also as a five-door version which would makes it easier to get into the rear.

Similarly, to the Fiat 500 it is also possible to create your dream car in soft top format.  All but the entry level vehicle has a touchscreen system which can be upgraded to Apple CarPlay. Citroen provide one-year free breakdown cover.


  1. Renault Twingo

Prices start from £10 755

Here we have Renault Twingo, a city car with the engine in the rear. The interior looks like the VW Up, however the Up has a more powerful engine. This four-seater car is only available as a five-door. Car. The Twingo is roomy with adequate boot space. The interior looks smooth and well finished however the dash board is compressed into only a few dials. Aesthetically the Twingo is well presented, and available in a range of colours like the Fiat 500.


  1. Peugeot 108

The Peugeot 108 priced from £11 935 is available in two engine sizes and both three and five door versions. All but the entry model boasts a touch screen entertainment system, some other models would require a top of the range purchase to offer this facility. The interior is cheap as with all vehicles within this price point however it has a nice finish and looks more expensive than it is. This is a four-seater vehicle with a lot less boot space than its competitors so what it lacks in space is compensated for with technology.


  1. Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa has been on the road since 1993 and has changed a lot since then! The current models look very different available from £11 735 as three door and £14 025 as a five door. Whilst the cheapest Corsa is a three-door version. The entry level active comes with a cd player, USB port and Bluetooth which is generous if you consider the Dacia Sandero doesn’t come with a radio. All other models are fitted with Vauxhalls infotainment system.

The interior is smart and well designed to prevent it from looking too cheap. If you’re looking to spend more, you can get more but it’s fair for the price. Also generous is the spacing within the vehicle, there’s more than enough room in the front and the rear is comfortable for two grown adults, less so for three.

Who Can Fix My Car have created a bespoke drivers guide for the Vauxhall Corsa, which answers all our drivers’ most commonly asked questions.

Alternatively, similar vehicles that are more expensive than the Fiat 500 but similar in shape and size are the Vauxhall Adam (from £15 705), the Mini Cooper (from £16 195), the Abarth 595 from £16 440 and the Citroen DS 3 from £19 48.