Online marketplaces have changed the face of industries all over the world and revolutionised the way consumers and suppliers interact.

Businesses are making use of evolving technology to achieve success and consumers are able to have whatever they want whenever they want.

With the help of, garages in the UK are utilising the web to drive incremental business and are smashing huge targets as they go.

The premise is simple: The best garages deserve more work.

Two of the most successful garages on the online platform have been raking in repair and maintenance work and have recently passed a monumental landmark.

A colossal ONE THOUSAND new customer jobs have been successfully carried out by two exceptional garages since they joined WhoCanFixMyCar.

Based at opposite ends of the UK, Thomsons Auto Centre, in East Kilbride and Automotive Component Specialists, in Enfield, are two garages who are driving this change within the UK aftermarket.

And the beautiful thing is, it’s all been on their terms.

They decide their own prices and labour rates, they decide how successful they want to be and they are in absolute control of their own futures. Line-of-sight issues are irrelevant; it doesn’t matter if garages are not based on the high street or consumer thoroughfares.

Drew Irvine owns Thomsons Auto Centre and said;

“It’s been tremendous so far and my total business has doubled since 2007.” don’t impose aggressive SLAs on its members which could impede or restrict earnings, the online business simply provides garages with thousands of potential new customers every month.

Thomsons Auto Centre

“Customers have changed so much, they are educated and know that they can find the best garages by looking online.

“I have hired somebody to look after all of my social media and know that I need to use the internet to my advantage because in five years’ time the whole industry will have moved online.”

Thomsons Auto Centre jobs in scotland
(The jobs won by Drew, in and around Glasgow)

In March ALONE over 16,000 jobs were posted through the WhoCanFixMyCar platform and sent directly to garages all over the UK, including our pair of featured superstars.

Thomson Auto Centre and Automotive Component Specialists have been meticulous in the way they have engaged every new lead from WhoCanFixMyCar, a practice which has earned them over £500,000 pounds in incremental revenue.

Patrick Patel trained at Audi before setting up his own garage, Automotive Component Specialists;

Automotive Component Specialists;

“When I first came across WhoCanFixMyCar, I had no idea this type of site existed, I didn’t know that garages could be supported and helped so much.

“They have helped build my reputation and my dedication has been recognised thanks to WhoCanFixMyCar.

Automotive Component Specialists; patrick patel

“I have worked in the automotive industry for 15 years and I can see how the future will play out, garages who have embraced the system will only grow and expand.

“I am looking to open a second site which will take a lot of hard work but being a member has helped open that possibility.
“I have been able to develop long term relationships with drivers who have found me through the site and they been coming back time and time again.

Automotive Component Specialists jobs in london
(Jobs won by Partick in and around London)

“I am getting 5-6 new customers a week, that’s 20-24 new jobs a month, that is only going to increase as my business grows with WhoCanFixMyCar’s growth.”

WhoCanFixMyCar is empowering garages by providing complete freedom and earning potential online.

The example these two technicians are setting proves it.

Al Preston, founder of WhoCanFixMyCar, said;

“We are delighted that Patrick and Drew have collectively reached such a significant milestone. What they both have in common is clear ambition and customer-focused approach. If you scroll through their reviews on WhoCanFixMyCar, you’ll see their customers almost always praise them for service and rarely for low prices.”

Their diligence, care and hard work has been powered by working with an online partner which has had their welfare at the core of its business.

And they’re not alone, garages up and down the UK are now tuning up their businesses and investing efforts online which is clearly worth the effort.

We’re on the verge of car maintenance changing forever because consumer behaviour has already changed forever.

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