We see many of the world’s most popular car brand logos every day on the road, either consciously or subconsciously, and many petrolheads will tell you that they would be able to name which car logo belongs to each brand with ease. However, what happens when small changes are made to each logo? Are motorists still able to choose the correct car badge from its doppelgänger?

Who Can Fix My Car have made small changes to 20 of the most recognisable car logos in the world. Can you tell which are real and which are fake? Take our 5-minute quiz to find out if you really know your car brands. You can play the ultimate car logo quiz below, or alternatively, try the full-screen version by clicking here.

You can see an example of how each question looks below. Simply click on the car logo that you believe is correct, and the fake one will fade away. A “Did you know?” box will then appear, showing you a piece of trivia about the history and origin of all 20 car logos. For example, the Abarth logo represents the astrological animal of founder Karl Alberto Abarth, who was born on November 15th, 1908.

Abarth Logo Quiz

Once you’ve completed the quiz, use the Facebook and Twitter buttons to challenge your friends and see if they can beat your score. If you’re hungry for more automotive-related content, be sure to bookmark the Who Can Fix My Car blog.

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Happy guessing!