Suspect a problem with your car? Use our new, handy interactive resource to diagnose what’s wrong and book in for a repair.

Introducing The Ultimate Guide To Car Maintenance

Something wrong with your car? Our new interactive car maintenance guide will help you diagnose and fix the problem.

This in-depth, clickable resource covers all the common car maintenance hiccups, plus some how-to guides, packed with expertise, for more challenging issues.

Our car maintenance resource features:

  • Over 20 common car problems.
  • 5 in-depth resource sections.
  • Advice and insight from mechanics across the country – they even share their favourite driving songs!

Introducing The Ultimate Guide To Car Maintenance

Whether you’ve problems with your windscreen wipers, want to know how to top up your brake fluid or are looking for a step-by-step tutorial for changing a spark plug, our ultimate guide tells you how.

Our in-depth resource sections cover:

  • How To Change A Car Tyre
  • How To Do An Oil Change
  • How To Change Your Car’s Battery
  • How To Change Spark Plugs
  • Changing Your Car’s Air Filter

Each one details the tools you need to do the job, how to do it and some key dos and don’ts.

Simply start by moving your mouse around the car until you find the problem relevant to you. Each section is brought to you by professional mechanics on our database, so be assured – you’re getting top-notch advice from leading professionals.

Introducing The Ultimate Guide To Car Maintenance

And remember, if you run into any difficulty, make sure to contact a local mechanic – we’ve thousands nationwide. Request and compare car repair quotes near you today.

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