The X-Men hold powers to control, destroy or save the universe. So their choice of cars should say exactly that. And of course, they need a few handy modifications to help them to stay ahead of their latest nemeses.

So what car would they choose? And what mods do they need? We’ve matched up our favourite X-Men with what we think they would drive.

Charles Xavier’s Tesla Model X

Charles Xavier - Tesla Model X

Tesla cars have transfomed the world of transport through scientific revolution, so what better car for the science genius Charles Xavier, than the Tesla Model X.

In this speedy electric machine, Xavier can zoom through the streets sourcing other mutants to coach as mighty X-Men at the Xavier Institute. And, of course, he is well prepared for trouble with bullet proof windows and his inbuilt cerebro.

With a spacious car with double rear door access, he will have no trouble going for a drive with his hoverchair, with the help of a modded ‘hover ramp’.

Magneto’s BMW M6 Coupe

Magneto - BMW M6 Coupe

In a maroon BMW M6 Coupe, Magneto looks super slick in this high speed, highly priced German beast. Whether fighting for the X-Men or against them, Magneto can reach 62 mph in 3.9 seconds, so will have no trouble escaping when things turn south. And the giant spoiler? This just looks as cool as his cape.

But it’s not all looks and speed, the car body is made up of the same material as his helmet, increasing his resistance to any incoming telepathy. With superior wheels and bulletproof glass, it’s no wonder he can so easily rub the other X-Men up the wrong way.

Mystique’s BMW i8

Mystique - BMW i8

With the power to shape shift from electric to fuel at the switch of a button, Mystique can adapt on the road, as well as in physical form in her BMW i8. Matched with the car’s super light carbon fibre composite mean’s she’s fast, agile and ready to make her enemies eat dust when she puts her foot down.

And her machine is as sexy she is; the power of seduction comes as standard. With blue scaly skin and flashing yellow headlights to match, Mystique will turn heads wherever she drives.

Cyclops’s Shelby Mustang GT350R

Cyclops - Shelby Mustang GT350R

Cyclops has always been a fan of the Shelby, and the Shelby Mustang GT350R has to be one of his favourites. With it’s super speed and lightweight carbon fibre wheels Cyclops can lead the X-Men pack.

With a visor windscreen and automatic headlamps which double up as red optic blasts, Cyclops can destroy anyone in sight, so if you catch a glimpse of those red lasers from your rear mirror get out the way… fast!

Wolverine’s Toyota Hilux 1988

Wolverine- Toyota Hilux 1988

The Toyota Hilux, specifically the 1988 version, is indestructable. It has been known to survive being ridden off the top of a block of flats. Wolverine has the ability to regenerate and has survived death too many times to recall. A perfect match!

This no frills, aged model suits Wolverine to a T. He’s been around a long time so knows a good car when he sees one and he doesn’t care for the fancy stuff; his life has been filled with suffering, war, loss and betrayal so the shallow things really don’t matter.

The Hilux has a few extra features to help Woverine in his tracks. His custom big wheels and retractable blades give him the strength and ferocity to destroy his enemies at the wheel, and get him far away from society when he needs to be alone.

Jean Grey’s Volvo XC90

Jean Grey - Volvo XC90

With the traumatising memory of her sister’s death in a car accident, Jean Grey and motor vehicles are not the best of friends. In her line of work, however, she needs a good pair of wheels and can feel safe in the Volvo XC90, one of the safest cars on the road.

But it doesn’t stop there; with bullet proof windows and an inbuilt cerebro in the windshield, she can read minds from the safety of the driving seat. So think twice before tail gaiting Jean; don’t forget she has the power to induce pain with her mind.

Apocalypse’s Mercedes AMG 63 6×6

Apocalypse - Mercedes AMG 63 6x6

In the largest SUV that exists plus an additional pair of wheels, it’s no wonder that Apocalypse is the longest survivor of all the X-Men. With the ability to tackle any terrain and wade through water, the Mercedes AMG 63 6×6 has extreme strength.

Each Armour panel is intricately designed in art from another age, as well as supporting his super-human strength. Behind his defences, Apocalypse can easily manipulate metals and minds to his advantage with very little resistance.

With these wheels, the X-Men are set to destroy or save the world, as they see fit. As an added bonus they will look super cool and turn heads on the highway.

So do you agree with our choice of modded cars? What would the rest of the X-Men want to be seen cruising in?

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