What is Clutch Slipping

For the clutch to slip means no power is reaching the wheels as you engage and disengage the clutch, thus not allowing your car to move forward.

You are more likely to slip the clutch if you drive recklessly; accelerating harshly and revving excessively. The older your vehicle is and the higher the mileage, make for a more likely clutch replacement. Regular vehicle maintenance checks and services will also maintain clutch health.

The clutch itself is the mechanism which allows you to change gear and stop with the engine running. It is imperative for vehicle function and safety. It consists of three parts; the clutch plate, the pressure plate and the flywheel.



How to diagnose a slipping clutch in your car

Clutch Slipping Symptoms

Clutch performance will diminish overtime, and clutch slippage should be relatively apparent to a competent, clued-up driver. There are a number of signs you can look out for that would push you towards a diagnosis.

  • Squeaking or a grumbling that occur when pressure is applied
  • An increased difficulty changing gears
  • Clutch pedal sticks, vibrates or feels spongey
  • Acceleration is a struggle, experience momentary losses
  • A burning smell under the hood, this may also mean bad wiring or an oil leak
  • Clutch disengages very quickly
  • Revs are very high
  • Clutch pedal height


slipping clutch - clutch replacement


How long can you drive with a slipping clutch

There is no set answer to this, however it is sod’s law that it will completely fail in the worst possible circumstances (i.e. at rush hour on a busy road, or on a rural road in the late hours). Although, the way that you drive does massively affect clutch longevity. Aforementioned, riding the clutch, applying excessive revs and harsh acceleration.


How much to repair a slipping clutch

People often wonder, if my clutch is slipping what do I need to replace. Is a repair required or a full-blown replacement of the clutch. Unfortunately, the answer is usually the latter. The repair cost varies, particularly regionally. Of course, the make and model of your car also affects replacement costs, although it is a notoriously costly job. On Who Can Fix My Car, the average cost of a Clutch replacement is £442.71. Selected garages in our network offer Payment Assist, a payment method which allows drivers to spread the cost of their repairs across four interest-free monthly payments; making that replacement cost a lot less scary.



Do you think you’re suffering from clutch slippage? Contact a clutch specialist now for a diagnosis and subsequent repair or replacement.