Our cars make a variety of weird and wonderful noises to signpost problems to us. From grinding and clunking to clashing and banging, the noises our cars make can cause us to fret about the cost of repairs before even getting a proper diagnosis. A squeaking noise is amongst those noises that can send our stress levels into overdrive and that many of us ignore in fear of facing reality, and indeed the bill from the mechanic.

If you can hear your car squeaking, it is likely metal scraping against another metal on a worn or loose car component. To pinpoint the exact issue with your vehicle consult our guide below. Always contact a mechanic for further assistance with diagnosis if you are unsure, and to carry out any necessary repairs.

Car squeaks when turning…

There are a number of possible causes for a squeaking noise when you turn your car. One possibility is that your power steering fluid is lower than it should be. This means that the power-steering system is not lubricated enough, resulting in the squeaking noise. If you have any suspicion at all that this is the case with your vehicle, make sure to check the fluid level. The noise can sometimes be eradicated by simply topping this up.

If this does not do the trick, contact a mechanic to inspect the area and conduct any required repairs.

You should check all of your fluid and oil levels regularly to maintain car condition and safety!

Get ahead of steering issues before they cause problems.
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Car making squeaking noise when driving slow…

Your wheels squeaking whilst you drive slow is often the unfortunate result of poorly fitted brake pads and discs . Brake pads and discs replacement is a natural part of car ownership, the replacement cost sits at an average of £250 on WhoCanFixMyCar.com and is an essential repair for guaranteed safety.

Worn wheel bearings might squeak when you drive slowly

Another possibility of a squeaking noise when driving slow is worn wheel bearing which can be fixed efficiently by a trained mechanic.

Not sure what your squeak is, it might be safe to get a diagnostic from a mechanic.
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Brakes squeaking when driving…

Squeaky brakes can be the result of anything from cheap brake pads to a much more serious problem. When you apply pressure to the brakes, a squeaking noise usually indicates worn brake pads. Brake pads wear over time with no sign of return as they are made of a rubber material. Hence, making a replacement inevitable.

Wearing brake pads can squeak

This wearing of the pads starts as a squeak then manifests as a grinding noise when the components rub against each other. This can also mean that your brakes are misaligned. Our biggest recommendation is to have any issues inspected by a trained mechanic for a full diagnosis and repair.

Do not ignore the squeaking noises and put repairs off too long as brake pads are very thin and will cause further damage to your vehicle if untreated!

Brake pads that squeak need prompt changing before your brake discs are damaged
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Car Squeaks when accelerating…

A loud high-pitched squeal or squeak when accelerating may be a sign of a loose or wearing fan belt. Your cambelt will typically need replacing if your fan belt does, so its worth getting a mechanic to inspect the whole area. If your cambelt has never been looked at by a professional and is getting on a bit, it makes a repair all the more likely.

Repairing or replacing a fan belt and cambelt must not be put off. It can become so loose that it can no longer functions. This can cause serious damage to the engine.

Replace a squeaky cambelt as soon as possible!
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Car Squeaks when driving…

A squeak coming from your wheels whilst driving is often an indication of a brake pad issue. Brake pads wear overtime naturally, they are fitted with a band of metal that becomes exposed when they are worn.

This exposed part then rubs against the rotors which causes the squeaking noise. If left untreated the rotors can become seriously damaged. Thus, resulting in a much larger repair cost than a simple pad replacement.

So, act fast!

Without properly functioning brakes, an accident is much more likely!
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