Car exhaust smoke is not something to be ignored. First of its never a good sign. However, the severity of the issue at hand varies significantly in terms of extent of damage and cost of repair. Often, our car gives us signs that tell us something is wrong. Certainly, these are particularly important  to pay attention to if you aren’t mechanically minded. The signs, such as smells, feelings and visual indicators, can save you a lot of money if addressed early on. So what is wrong if your car is smoking?


Blue smoke from car

White smoke from car exhaust suggest that there is a problem with your car’s cylinder heads, pistons or valves. It sounds like the parts have worn and may require repair or replacement, so we would recommend a diagnostic to uncover which components are damaged. 

White smoke from car

White smoke from your exhaust sounds like there is a problem with your engine which may be rooted from a multitude of issues. In short, the best course of action is to book an engine diagnostic to uncover and fix the problem at hand. 

Black smoke from car

Black or even grey smoke coming from the car’s exhaust is an indication of a malfunction in the fuel injection system. This issue may result in stalling and high levels of emissions that are potentially dangerous. Therefore, the issue is best dealt with promptly to remain safe on the roads. 

There is smoke coming from under bonnet of my car

Smoke coming out from under your bonnet sounds like an ie ssue with your engine, which can be caused by a multitude of issues. Book an engine diagnostic to uncover and fix the problem at hand. For instance, the issue could be anything from coolant entering the combustion chamber, a cracked engine block or cylinder head or even a leaking head gasket.