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What can car body shops repair?

If your car is damaged during an accident, there’s a good likelihood you will need the services of a car body repair shop. A car body shop specialises in all car parts besides the engine or brake system. This means that the car body shop garage will look at the structure, frame and aesthetics of your car. The main vehicle parts that a car body shop will normally repair include bumpers, dents, alloys and paintwork. Read more

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, in addition to dealing with insurance matters you can look at getting your vehicle’s body work back in shape. WhoCanFixMyCar makes finding a car body shop near you simple and stress-free.

Car body shop average costs and prices

Compare quotes from car body shop garages near you so you can find a suitable body shop to restore your car to its former glory.  

The cost of a car body shop repair can fluctuate depending on the amount of damage and the part that needs to be repaired or replaced. It might be a good idea to get several quotes to get a rough idea of what to expect. This is because the price will also depend on the labour time and parts needed. You can look below at the average quote for car body shop repairs on WhoCanFixMyCar for some of the top car makes and models:

Car MakeAverage Price

How do you find a car body shop on WhoCanFixMyCar?

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  • Car bodyshop

    The average cost of a car body repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is around £453.41.

    Car bodyshops can do anything from damage assessment, to removing scratches and dents, respraying and painting and replacing panels. Depending on the service, this can vary largely in price and can be as part of a repair service, or entirely for an aesthetic enhancement.

    Can include
    • Visual assessment
    • Car body repair
    • Car body alternations
    • Respraying
  • Car wrapping

    The average cost of car wrapping booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £940.16.

    Car wrapping is a cost-effective way to change the design or colour of your car body without the need for an expensive full respray. A professional will wrap your car fully or partially in vinyl material to change the look and protect it from damage.

    Can include
    • Wrap design
    • Car wrapping
  • SMART repairs

    The average cost of a SMART repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £350.99. SMART stands for Small Medium Area Repair Technology and involves repairs to localised patches of modest car body damage like scratches. They are easy fixes that can be done quickly or by a mobile mechanic.

    Can include
    • Paint repairs
    • Scuff repairs
    • Dent removal
    • Wheel flaw repairs

Which car body shop service do I need?

With car body shop repairs, the required work will depend on the amount of damage caused by the collision and the parts of your car that have been harmed. The listed garages on WhoCanFixMyCar are equipped to carry out most of the below car body shop services.

SMART repairs (dent removal, etc.)

SMART repair (Small, Medium Area Repair Technology) is a type of service offered by mechanics which includes the use of specialised tools, paints and materials to provide your car with a good as new finish on an area which may be damaged.

You can consider a SMART repair for following jobs:

  • Bumper repair

  • Alloy wheel repair

  • Scratch repair

  • Dent Repair

  • Alloy wheel refurbishment

  • Bumper repair

  • Exterior trim repair

Is repairing your car after a collision necessary?

The general exterior of your car and its bodywork doesn’t just stop at its paint finish. Damage and corrosion to any of the following will cause an unappealing view of your vehicle and will also lower its value when you decide to sell it.

  • Polished alloy wheels

  • Wing mirrors

  • Door handles

  • Radiator grills

  • Diamond cut or powdered coated alloy wheels

A body shop can carry out repair and restoration work on any of these parts and components.

Get your car body shop repair done at home

Mobile car body repair workers offer a handy service that can be completed at the motorist’s home or workplace. Find mobile car body shops near you, who may be able to come out to your home to complete your repair.

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What do car body shops do?

Car body shops typically do the following: assess damage (including for insurance companies), remove scratches and dents, replace entire body panels and glass parts, alloy wheel refurbishment, paintwork respraying and overall chassis realignment.

How do car body shops fix dents?

Body shops fix dents with skill, experience and a variety of tools, used to push and pull (or 'suck') dents out of body panels. Filler paste is sometimes used and smoothed down for a perfect finish.

Is car body shop work a part of warranty?

Car warranties do not cover body work. The main reason is because chips, dents and scratches are deemed as normal wear and tear. Car body shop work needed after an accident is usually covered by your insurance policy, but not by your warranty.

How much do car body shop repairs cost?

The cost of car body repair will vary hugely depending on the work required. Localised dents can be removed for well under £100, whereas any respraying work will cost at least double that. Quotes for accident repairs or chassis realignment will be much higher but may be covered by your insurance company.