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Average quote for car fluid leak repair

Is your car leaking some sort of fluid?

If your car is leaking, WhoCanFixMyCar can help you find garages that will diagnose the problem and repair it for you.

It’s a worrying sight when you arrive at your parked car and see a puddle under it. The first thing you must do is contact the garage to notify them of the leak, and they can help you diagnose where the leak is coming from and how serious it is.

Car leaking repair average costs and prices

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Which car leak repair service do you need?

Your car runs with many different types of fluids. Thus, any of these fluids can cause a car leak. The first priority for the technician will be to find out which fluid is leaking from your car.

While some fluids that leak won’t cause a huge issue, there are other fluids that will mean there is a serious problem. Here we look at the different types of fluids that could potentially leak from the car.

  • Car fluid leak repairs

    The average price of a car fluid leak repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £79.19.

    Fluid leaks can be caused by a number of different things within your car. When you notice a leak, the best thing to do is contact a garage or mechanic as soon as possible who can help to diagnose what the problem is.

    Can include
    • Car leak diagnosis
    • Leak repair
  • Mobile mechanic

    The average cost of a mobile mechanic booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £81.64.

    A mobile mechanic will visit you at your home or workplace and can carry out a wide range of different repairs. If the repair is more complex, the mechanic will collect your car, take it to a garage to be repaired, and drop it off when it's finished. The exact cost of a mobile mechanic will depend on the repair you need.

    Can include
    • Home visit
    • Servicing
    • Tyre change
    • Oil change
    • Recommended repairs
  • Car diagnostic test

    The average cost of a car diagnostic booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £51.66.

    Car diagnostics testing involves plugging your vehicle into special software that can reveal issues with its engine, electrical system, transmission, braking, exhaust system, and more. A specialist will run tests on your vehicle to expose the cause of any problems you're having with your car.

    Can include
    • Full diagnostic testing
    • Recommended repairs

Unsure of which fluid is leaking?

If you can identify the colour and the location of the leak, then it makes it easier to diagnose which fluid is causing the problem. A garage technician will be happy to help you diagnose your car leak.

Car leaking from the front or from under the engine

Engine oil

Engine oil is light brown to black in colour. It is also very greasy and slick and will appear under the front of your car. Engine oil is used to lubricate your engine and if this is leaking then you may smell the burning of oil when you drive your vehicle too. The technician will check your engine oil when the engine is cool, to get an accurate reading. You may do this yourself too, but do make sure that the engine is cool. It’s important to keep your engine oil in the range shown on the dipstick. If the engine oil happens to be on the low side frequently, then take it to a car leak repair garage.

Transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is reddish in colour and quite thin in consistency. It can also appear to be brown and thick and will appear in the middle and front of your car. Automatic transmissions are lubricated by transmission fluid, while manual transmissions are lubricated by gear oil. The technician will check your transmission fluid while the car is running and it is in neutral. In general, automatic transmission fluid should be checked while the car is running with the transmission in park or neutral. It’s extremely important to get a car technician to diagnose and repair transmission fluid leaks immediately.

Power steering fluid

Power steering fluid is amber, reddish, light brown in colour and appears at the very front of your car. Similar to brake fluid, the power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that aids power for the steering system. The garage will check your power steering fluid level when your car is not running. A leak in power steering fluid could reduce steering ability and control and is a definite risk. You must have your power steering fluid leaks checked right away, and avoid driving the car.

Coolant (anti-freeze)

Coolant is yellow, green or pink in colour, and it’s texture is greasy or slimy. It is another fluid that will appear to leak from the front of the car, near the radiator or under the engine. Cars need coolant to keep the engine from overheating. If your car is low on coolant or leaking coolant, you are at risk of overheating the car, which could damage your engine and your car could stop running anywhere, which means you may need roadside recovery. It’s extremely important that you get a technician to check this for you immediately, and you do not attempt to check it yourself, especially if the engine is hot, as the fluid is under extreme pressure and can cause extensive burns if not left to cool down. Book your car in with a garage if your car is leaking coolant right away.

Car leaking from near the wheels

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is clear through to yellow or brown, and will be visible near the wheels if it is leaking. Brake fluid assists the force of the braking mechanism of your car. If your brake fluid appears to be low, then there is a possibility that it is leaking. It is vital to have low or leaking brake fluid checked by a mechanic straight away, as brake fluid reservoirs are not large. Leak of even a small amount of brake fluid will impact your brakes.

Car leaking from the rear or near the exhaust


The majority of cars don’t use straight water in the cooling system. However, it can be used for the air conditioning system, and you may notice that it is leaking on especially warmer days when you are using the air con. Whilst it is not a catastrophic car leak, it is still a good idea to have your car checked by a professional.


Petrol is light gold and appears to look colourless when it falls to the ground. Diesel will leave a blue tint on the floor. Petrol or diesel powers your car to drive. As you know, fuel has a distinct smell, so if you smell excessive petrol or diesel around your car, or you see a car leak of this nature, then take it to a local garage immediately.

Fuel leaks often happen because there’s a crack or hole in the fuel tank. If the technician finds that the fuel tank isn’t rusting away due to age, they will be able to repair it without having to replace the whole thing.

Fuel leaks are a big risk to safety, because they can cause fires. You mustn’t drive your car if it is leaking fuel, because fuel leaks are highly flammable. Plus, your fuel economy will be worse off too.

Top warning signs that your car is leaking

Here are warning signs that your car is leaking and needs a car leak repair:

  • Dark brown or black puddles under the front of your car

  • A burning smell if the car is leaking into the engine rather than the ground

  • Low oil levels

  • If the oil is a paler, more opaque brown, and if the texture is more milky, foamy, or frothy, it may be the sign of a blown head gasket.

  • The oil pressure light turns on

Is a car leak repair necessary?

A car leak repair if your car is leaking is absolutely necessary! Since oil leaks can be so damaging to your car, the cost of repairing the leak is almost always worth it to make sure your car stays running safely and doesn't leave you stranded.

Why is my car leaking?

Usually, the common car leak is due to degraded engine gaskets or oil seals. From time to time, these parts of the car will erode due to wear and tear, but in most scenarios if you have this type of leak, it’s due to having old or dirty oil. There are other car leaks that can happen too, so it’s important to ascertain where the leak is coming from. A garage technician will help you identify what component is leaking and will quote you to repair the car leak.

What are the fluids that cause car leaks?

Here are some of the fluids that can end up leaking from your car:

  • Engine Oil

  • Transmission fluid

  • Power Steering fluid

  • Coolant (anti-freeze)

  • Brake fluid

  • Water

  • Fuel

Can I drive my car if I notice it is leaking fluid?

It depends on where the car is leaking from. For example, if it is transmission fluid, while it is not especially dangerous to continue driving with a leaking transmission fluid, it can cause catastrophic damage to your engine.

As soon as you notice your car is leaking transmission fluid, you should seek to contact a certified mechanic to have your transmission fluid serviced. Brake fluid leaks are especially dangerous and you should not drive your car if you think it is the brake fluid leaking. To be on the safe side, get any leaks diagnosed by a car technician immediately, and avoid driving until they tell you it is safe to do so.

Is a car leak covered under my car warranty?

If your car is less than three years old, then most car dealers will offer a basic or bumper to bumper warranty, which covers car leaks. If your car is older than three years, then there is a chance you will need to pay for the car leak repair.

How much does it cost for a car leak repair?

Depending on your car make and model, a car leak diagnosis and repair will cost from £77.38 upwards.

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