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Average quote for a slipping clutch repair or replacement

Clutch slipping happens when the clutch fails to properly engage or disengage the transmission (also known as the gearbox). This issue is usually caused by an excessively worn clutch plate that can’t grip the flywheel correctly. As a result, the car will slip out of gear and struggle to stay in gear when you accelerate.

Other things can cause your clutch to slip aside from wear and tear - for example, if it is improperly adjusted or lacks lubrication. These problems are easier to fix, so It’s a good idea to consult a mechanic to confirm what is causing the slippage before you proceed with any work.

  • Clutch replacement

    The average cost of a clutch repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £454.

    If a clutch is slipping or making an unusual noise, it needs to be replaced to avoid further damage to the engine.

    Can include
    • Diagnosis
    • Replacement clutch
    • May include flywheel replacement
  • Gearbox repair

    The average cost of a gearbox repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £381.75. A gearbox is used to change the speed of a car and is a common repair because gears may fail prematurely. It's essential to get a gearbox issue diagnosed as soon as possible.

    Can include
    • Diagnosis
    • Gearbox repair
    • Gearbox replacement
  • Diagnostic test

    The average cost of a car diagnostic test booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £51.66.

    A car diagnostic test is a digital analysis of your car, undertaken by a specialist mechanic, to assess potential faults and issues with your car engine, transmission, brakes and many more.

    Can include
    • Diagnostic test

Clutch slipping symptoms

When your clutch is on its way out, it’s unlikely you’ll notice just one symptom. Instead, numerous tell-tale signs will probably indicate it’s time for a replacement.

Grinding noises coming from the gearbox clearly indicate something is wrong. You may also find it difficult to change gears when you engage or disengage the clutch, and your car might judder or shake

Another thing to keep an eye out for is unusually high RPMs when you accelerate as the gear slips out. Any unusual vibrations from the gearstick and a burning smell from the gearbox point to clutch problems (though other things could also be to blame). Similarly, watch for unusual behaviour from the clutch pedal, such as sticking or being overly soft and spongy.

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How do I stop my clutch from slipping?

Sometimes, clutch slipping can be fixed by adjusting the pedal and cable or topping up low clutch fluid. But if the slipping is caused by wear and tear, the only way to stop it is to book a clutch replacement.

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How long will a clutch last after it starts slipping?

This question shows the wrong way to think about clutch problems. There is no way to tell how long a slipping clutch will last before it fails, and wondering how long you can put off a repair is also pointless in the long run. The problem will only worsen; eventually, you will have to book a replacement to keep using your car. Continuing to drive with a faulty clutch can be dangerous, so it’s best to get the issue fixed sooner rather than later.

How long does it take to replace a slipping clutch?

A clutch replacement usually takes at least two hours, sometimes as many as ten. It depends on the size of your vehicle, how the engine bay is arranged, and how many technicians are available to work on it.

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