Breakdown cover that keeps you moving Breakdown Cover provides a premium service without the premium price tag, so you can keep moving.
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When it comes to Roadside Assistance, you want peace of mind that should you break down, someone will be on their way to help. You don’t want budget cover that doesn’t cover you for what you really need. That’s why we offer premium cover without the premium price tag. Not only that,  Roadside Assistance is supported by the largest garage network in the UK and backed by Allianz Global Assistance - so you can keep moving.
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Roadside Rescue
* Terms and Conditions apply.Silver cover for cars over 10 years is priced at £43.99
We will extend the service to your driveway
Roadside Rescue
Home Assistance
Keep moving forward with the addition of onward travel
Roadside Rescue
Home Assistance
National Recovery
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Courtesy Car
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Perfect for the European Grand Tourer
Roadside Rescue
Home Assistance
National Recovery
Onward Travel
Courtesy Car
Overnight Accommodation
European Cover
Premium Service
Without the premium price tag
1.Largest Garage Network in the UK
The Garage Network consists of over 13,276 garages. Motorists from across the UK have used our network which includes independent garages, franchised dealers, mobile mechanics and fast fits
2.Affordable Cover
Unlike others, we don’t believe in offering basic roadside assistance that doesn’t actually cover what you need. That is why we offer premium cover without the premium price tag
3.Over 1,000,000 quotes provided to motorists across the UK on
We have already helped hundreds of thousands of drivers across the UK by providing over 1,000,000 quotes for service and repair work
4.96% driver recommendation
The glowing reviews left for our garages speak volumes for the standard of service we provide
5.Credible cover with Allianz Global Assistance is an Appointed Representative of AWP Assistance UK Ltd, part of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest insurers
6.4 out of 5 cars are fixed on the roadside
One of our greatest attributes is our ability to send the right resource first time. That is why we fix 4 out of 5 cars on the roadside
Frequently Asked Questions
1.How soon can I use my Breakdown Cover ?
You can use the roadside assistance straight away as long as you haven’t already broken down, in which case you won’t be able to.
2.Do you cover caravans ?
If the vehicle is immobilised due to a covered breakdown when towing a caravan or trailer, we will arrange for your caravan or trailer to be taken near to the repairer. If your caravan or trailer has a breakdown, we can arrange for it to be recovered, but you will be responsible for the costs
3.Can I buy just short term cover if I’m travelling to Europe ?
No. It’s an annual policy only.
4.Is there an age limit on the vehicles you’ll cover ?
Up to 15 years old for Silver, Gold and Platinum Cover and up to 10 years old for European Cover.
5.Do I have to pay for call outs ?
No. However, there is a limit of 5 call outs per annum.
6.What should I do if my vehicle breaks down ?
Call 0330 124 3557 to talk to one of our team who will assist you.
7.How will you decide whether or not to repair my vehicle at the roadside ?
We’ll do everything we possibly can to get your vehicle fixed to enable you to get to your destination. If we can't get you going the help we can offer depends on your level of cover. With our Platinum and Diamond cover, we’ll take you to a destination of your choice. Our other levels of cover will take you to the nearest garage.
8.What happens if my car needs repairing at a garage and the garage is closed ?
If the garage is closed & it can’t be left on the forecourt it would go back to one of our depots & then redelivered in the morning. For national recovery it would go to a single destination of the customer’s choice. If it’s to a repairer & they are closed it could be delivered the following day.
9.Can I choose where my car is repaired ?
We will recover your vehicle to the nearest garage if you have Silver or Gold cover, if you have Platinum or Diamond we will recover your vehicle to a UK destination of your choice. If you then wish to have it repaired elsewhere, you would have to arrange for the vehicle to be transported to a different garage - this would not be covered under your policy.
10.Am I covered if I run out of fuel ?
Yes – but you will need to pay for the fuel provided at the roadside.
11.Can I cancel my policy ?
Within 14 days you can cancel your policy (as long as it has not be used) and receive a full refund. After 14 days, no refund will be issued.
Who are we?
Founded in 2011, connects thousands of car owners with great local garages, mobile mechanics and dealerships every single week. Over 13,276 garages work with us and we have helped over 1,754,965  cars get back on the road! Our Roadside Assistance product is just another way we are working to make owning a car hassle free.
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