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What is an electric car service?

An electric car service, also known as an EV (electric vehicle) service, is a really thorough inspection of your vehicle, making sure it's performing at its best. Servicing your electric car is a great way to keep it healthy and extend its lifespan, as it will give you a chance to catch any issues with it nice and early before they develop into more serious (and expensive!) problems.

All cars can be serviced, whether they’re electric or not. But because an electric car works differently from a fuel-powered car, the elements that need to be inspected and maintained will also be different. For that reason, electric cars need to be serviced by qualified electric vehicle technicians.

Explore the different options for electric car repairs and servicing, and find out how to get the work done at the best garages for the best price.

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Electric cars should be serviced and repaired by specialist technicians with expert knowledge of electric vehicles and how to repair their high voltage components. As electric cars are becoming more and more common, most cities will now have garages that can offer electric car services.

Electric vehicle servicing average costs and prices

Although there may be some repairs similar to fuel-powered vehicles, electric cars need specialist knowledge when it comes to repairing faults or replacing components. A qualified electric vehicle technician is needed to carry out the job.

The average cost of an electric car service booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £174.86. As electric car servicing involves many of the same checks as a standard car service does, there isn’t much of a price difference between the two. However, bear in mind that the exact cost of your electric car service will vary based on a number of factors, including the make and model of your electric car.

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What are the most common electric car servicing repairs?

During your electric car service, your technician will check for any issues that need to be repaired, before reporting back to you on the condition and performance of your electric car. Common and sometimes complex problems with an electric car can include: 

  • High voltage system issues 

  • Regenerative braking problems 

  • Electric battery faults 

Repairs to these areas of the system require the help of a trained professional and involve plugging into the car's computer to analyse data rather than getting under the bonnet.  

However, your technician will also look out for issues that aren’t unique to electric cars. Just like a fuel-powered vehicle, it’s common for an electric car to need things like:

The good news is that an electric car has fewer parts that are sensitive to wear and tear when compared to fuel-powered cars. For example, an electric car won’t have spark plugs, fuel pumps, an exhaust or a timing belt – all parts that often need to be repaired in a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

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  • Electric car servicing

    The average cost of electric car servicing booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £174.86.

    Servicing an electric car involves different checks from a regular petrol or diesel car service as there are different components involved. An electric car service generally requires a mechanic with specialist knowledge of electric vehicles.

    Can include
    • Interim electric car service
    • Full electric car service
  • Hybrid car service

    The average cost of a hybrid car battery repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £191.22. With the volume of hybrid car's soaring in recent years, so has the demand for hybrid car servicing. This service contains much of the same assessment areas as a standard petrol or diesel vehicle, with the addition of check ups such as hybrid battery health check, cables checks and charging port checks.

    Can include
    • Assessment
    • Hybrid car servicing
  • MOT check

    The average cost of an MOT test booked on WhoCanFixMyCar starting from £29.99. An MOT test is an annual test of vehicle safety that must legally be carried out every year on cars over three years old.

    Can include
    • Fuel emissions and exhaust
    • Tyres
    • Drivers view
    • Car body
    • Seatbelts
    • Electrics
    • Steering and suspension
    • Brakes

What does an EV service include?

Just like with ICE vehicles, electric cars can be brought in for either a full service or an interim service. 

A full service is recommended for all vehicles once a year and typically includes more than 60 checks. On the other hand, an interim service is only usually recommended for cars that cover more than 6,000 miles in six months. It’s carried out at the six-month mark between annual services and is typically a shorter inspection that includes around 30 checks.

An electric car service will typically include checks of the following parts:

  • Electric motors 

  • Electric battery 

  • High voltage electric components 

  • Charging cables

  • Regenerative braking system

  • Steering and suspension

  • Wheels

  • Tyres

  • Lights

  • Interiors

  • Body and panelling

Is EV servicing necessary?

An electric car service isn’t a legal requirement. However, it’s extremely important for keeping your electric car in good condition. 

During your service, your technician will be able to flag any small issues that could turn into bigger problems if left unresolved. Not only will that help to extend your vehicle’s lifespan, but it’s also likely to save you money in the long run by catching any issues before they become expensive to fix. Plus, some insurance and warranty policies are only valid if your vehicle is serviced every year. 

For those reasons, a full electric car service is generally recommended once a year for all electric cars. If your car regularly covers a high number of miles (generally more than 6,000 every six months) then it’s also advisable to take your car in for an interim service at the six-month mark between its annual services. 

What impacts the cost of an electric car service?

There are lots of little factors that can affect the cost of your electric car service. These include:

  • Your car make and model

  • Your location

  • The age of your car

However, the main factor will be whether or not any problems are found that need to be repaired – and if so, how complex these repairs are. Any repairs that you choose to have done as a result of issues your technician flags up will be charged on top of your electric car service cost

Electric car repair versus ICE car repair cost

Repairing an electric car can be very expensive if there’s a fault with the high voltage electrical systems or the battery needs replacing. A battery replacement for some makes of electric car can cost upward of £2,000, which is much higher than most ICE vehicle repair costs. 

However, overall, electric car maintenance tends to be cheaper than the cost to maintain an ICE vehicle. Electric cars have fewer parts that are subject to wear and tear, so they typically require fewer repairs. Electric cars are also made using advanced technology – batteries generally last for around 200,000 miles and the car itself should last you a lifetime.

Find a mobile car electrician

Mobile mechanics are mechanics who can travel to you to offer repairs and services to your car. They’re a popular choice for routine maintenance as they save you the time and hassle of having to bring your car into the garage. Plus, they can be cheaper as they often won’t have the overheads associated with working from a fixed location.

Although still relatively uncommon, there’s an increasing number of mobile mechanics who are qualified to repair and service electric cars, known as mobile EV servicing. So, if there’s one near you, this could be a convenient choice for your electric car service.

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What’s included in an electric car service?

Like a standard vehicle service, an electric car service involves an extensive list of checks to your car to make sure it’s performing at its best. A full electric car service includes around 60 checks to the car body, brakes, steering and suspension, electricals, battery, electric motor, interior, mirrors, and windscreen. 

How often does an electric car need servicing?

An electric car should be serviced once every year to keep it in good condition and maintain efficient performance, just like a fuel-powered car. If you cover a large number of miles on a regular basis, you may also like to get an interim service to your electric car every six months. 

How much does it cost to repair an electric car?

The cost of an electric car repair depends on the fault and the extent of the damage. Problems with the high voltage and electrical systems aren’t susceptible to wear and tear but can be costly when they do need to be repaired. 

What maintenance is needed on an electric car?

An electric car should be serviced annually to keep on top of the natural wear and tear of components like the tyres, wheels, and windscreen wipers, as well as to make sure the high voltage system, electric motor and charging cables are all working efficiently. Just like a fuel-powered vehicle, it’s also a legal requirement to get your electric car an MOT every year.

What fluids does an electric car need?

Electric cars have fewer fluids that need to be topped up compared with fuel-powered cars. The three fluids an electric vehicle needs are coolant fluid, brake fluid, and windscreen wash. 

Do electric vehicles legally need to be serviced?

An electric vehicle service isn’t a legal requirement but it’s highly recommended to keep your car in good condition. You may also need to get your electric car serviced if your insurance or warranty policy requires it in order to remain valid.

Where can I get my electric car serviced?

You can get your electric car serviced at any garage that has a qualified electric vehicle technician on hand to inspect your car. Some electric vehicle specialists will also offer mobile EV servicing at your home.

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