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What is an engine carbon clean?

If your car is dropping in performance, there is a chance that the engine requires an engine carbon clean. Most cars run fine in the first few years, but may require attention after completing around 60,000 miles. A carbon cleaning is recommended as a way of restoring some of that lost performance, or as a way of helping your car pass the emissions part of the MOT test.

Engine carbon cleaning usually refers to the process of removing carbon deposits. Engine carbon cleaning involves removing engine components and giving them a thorough clean, by using solvents or a blasting method. It is often done as a specialist job only by those garages that have bought specialist equipment. The mechanic will physically clean the intake manifold, intake ports, carbon on valves, top of head and top of piston.

Engine carbon cleaning costs and prices

The cost of an engine carbon clean can vary depending on your car due to differences in labour time and parts needed. Take a look below at the average quote on WhoCanFixMyCar for some of the top car brands. On average an engine carbon clean can cost between £100 and £200, based on WhoCanFixMyCar data.

Car makeAverage price

  • Engine carbon cleaning

    The average price for an engine carbon cleaning on WhoCanFixMyCar is £112.42.

    Specialist garages will have different equipment to complete your carbon engine clean.

    Can include
    • Engine carbon pour-in treatment
    • Injection of super-refined gas into engine
    • Removal and blasting of engine components
  • Diesel Particulate Filter clean

    The average cost of a Diesel Particulate Filter clean booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £188.30.

    A local garage or mechanic can clean out your engine with a DPF clean. This chemical treatment will help to unblock and reduce the soot emissions produced by your engine.

    Can include
    • DPF cleaning with chemicals
    • DPF cleaning with air
    • Thermal cleaning process
  • Diesel Particulate Filter replacement

    The average cost of a Diesel Particulate Filter replacement booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £445.02.

    In some cases, a DPF replacement may be needed instead of a clean. The DPF could become fully blocked, or the engine is not able to self-clean (regenerate) itself. This replacement must be done by a specialist using diagnostic tools.

    Can include
    • Diagnostics
    • DPF part replacement

Which engine carbon clean service do you need?

There are several different services which are offered, either by mobile operators or a network of garages who have bought the equipment to complete an engine carbon clean. There are three ways specialists can do an engine carbon cleaning service detailed below.

Engine carbon pour-in treatment

A pour in treatment uses chemicals to help dissolve the carbon deposits in your engine. It is the simplest method, as it is a simple pour-in treatment which is added to the fuel in your car, so this service will be the least expensive.

Engine carbon clean injecting super-refined gas into engine

A superior cleaning service is when the specialist taps into the fuel system and injects super-refined gas to the engine. This in turn makes the engine burn extremely hot which is to help clean the components. Often you will find noticeable soot expelled from the exhaust after this treatment.

Engine carbon clean - traditional method

The most thorough engine carbon clean is done by using the traditional method, where a technician will remove engine components and clean them by using solvents or blasting them. Sometimes walnut shells are used so that the texture can help to remove carbon without harming engine parts.

car exhaust

Top warning signs your car needs an engine carbon clean

  • Your engine does not run smoothly anymore

  • Hard engine start

  • Rough cold idle

  • Vibration or shaking is felt in the steering wheel

  • Decreased acceleration

  • Black exhaust clouds when hard accelerating

  • Car jerking slightly at stops

  • Check engine light is on

If your car has any of these symptoms, then it may be time to take it to a mechanic to see if it needs an engine carbon clean.

Is an engine carbon clean necessary?

Although not vital to the functioning of your car, if you have any of the warning signs that your engine is clogging up, then it’s a good idea to get an engine carbon clean. Not only is an engine carbon clean beneficial to improve the car’s efficiency, performance and fuel economy, it can also help prevent later problems with your engine from arising.

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Get your engine carbon cleaned at home

Many mobile mechanics offer mobile engine carbon cleaning services. A mobile technician will meet you and your vehicle at your home or place of work and set to work. Mobile mechanics are often cheaper because they don’t have any overheads for their shop or dealership.

However, if your problem is specific or needs specialist equipment or machinery, which is often the case with in-depth traditional engine carbon cleaning methods, you might find there’s more that can be done at a fully kitted out garage. If you choose to book a mobile engine carbon cleaning service, compare quotes online quickly and easily with WhoCanFixMyCar and take the effort out of getting to the garage.

What is an engine carbon clean?

Engine carbon cleaning is used to clean the inside of a vehicle’s engine. After a period of time, especially if the car has done more than 100,000 miles, a combustion engine can build up internal deposits, such as carbon, gunk and tars.

Although these are classed as natural by-products of the combustion process, the accumulation can hinder performance, increase emissions, reduce power and efficiency. An engine carbon clean will help to remove the deposits and thus, offers numerous benefits.

Is it worth getting an engine carbon clean?

Any modern car which has been well taken care of should be good for covering six-figure mileages without needing an engine carbon clean. It has been proven that petrol cars are commonly less susceptible to clogging up as the fuel has an adequate cleaning component as it passes through the engine.

However, diesel engines are more affected, as the fuel doesn’t burn as cleanly as their petrol counterparts. In any case, if you have any warning signs that your engine is clogging up, then it’s a good idea to have an engine carbon clean booked in as a service to improve the efficiency of your car.

What are the signs that my car requires an engine carbon clean?

  • Loss of power which is more noticeable when driving at higher speed

  • Deteriorating acceleration

  • Cold stalling

  • Engine misfiring

  • Lower fuel efficiency

  • Possibility of engine light turned on

  • Rough running

  • Engine judders at slow speed

Can the engine carbon clean damage my car’s engine?

It is well documented by the majority of experts that cleaning of carbon from your engine internals will not damage your engine if done by a reputable engine carbon cleaning service provider.

How long does the engine carbon cleaning service take?

Engine carbon cleaning by a professional technician can take between five and eight hours of work depending on the vehicle, make, model, engine size, engine type, age and mileage.

What are the benefits of an engine carbon clean?

  • Regain performance of the vehicle

  • Improved MPG/efficiency

  • Reduced running costs/wear and tear

  • Reduced emissions

Which vehicles can have an engine carbon clean?

  • Diesel/ petrol/ hybrid engines

  • Passenger vehicles

  • All commercial vehicles

  • Agricultural vehicles

  • Motorbikes

How much does it cost for an engine carbon clean?

An engine carbon clean by a reputable engine carbon cleaning service provider, for most makes and models costs in the region of £112.42.

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