Policies And Procedures

Both Drivers and Mechanics are bound by the Terms and conditions of the Whocanfixmycar.com Ltd ("FixMyCar") website – www.whocanfixmycar.com. This includes the Acceptable Use Policy in Part D – General Terms Applicable To All Users.

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Whocanfixmycar.com Ltd is committed to providing a service for all users that is transparent, informative and adds value to both Drivers and Mechanics alike. We believe that Driver Feedback is an important part of this, in informing, educating and promoting good service where it applies. We aim to enable users of the FixMyCar service to benefit from valid, informative and factual feedback where possible.

In writing this policy guideline we have sought to explain the approach users should take to completing Feedback, and the responses to it. We have outlined areas such as what we consider not to be acceptable, the process that should be taken in reporting or complaining about Feedback left, and our approach to how we will deal with those reports or complaints.

Please Note: By submitting Feedback to us you are granting us a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use, reproduce, modify, translate, make available and distribute the Feedback on or through the Services for the purpose of operating the Services. You also acknowledge and agree that FixMyCar has the right to suspend, modify or permanently remove any Feedback, or Mechanic Feedback responses, where (in our absolute discretion) we consider it prudent or necessary to do so.

Notice to Mechanics: We do not actively monitor, check or verify Feedback which is posted. Accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that We (Whocanfixmycar.com Ltd) shall not have any responsibility to you or liability to you for any Feedback which is posted by any Driver and we will not usually become involved or intervene in complaints or disputes concerning Feedback, although we reserve the right to do so in exceptional circumstances. You may, if you feel that Feedback is misleading or libellous, contact us and we will investigate but we shall not be obligated to take any action.


Please read this Feedback Policy Guideline in conjunction with the FixMyCar website, and any capitalised term not defined in this Feedback Policy Guideline shall have the meaning given to that term in the FixMyCar website’s Terms of Use.


We encourage all Drivers that use our Services to find a Mechanic to leave Feedback. We acknowledge that not all Feedback is positive, but we expect all Feedback to be constructive, factual, and help others (including the Mechanics) to understand your experience.

We encourage you as Drivers to engage with the Mechanic if a problem arises before you leave Feedback, giving the Mechanic a chance to resolve any issues you maybe encountering.

Our Feedback is split into 3 parts;

  • a Rating, from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest);
  • a tick box, to indicate if you wish to recommend the garage to others;
  • written comments.

1. When Feedback can be left by a Driver

We want all Drivers to be able to leave Feedback, but there are some rules around when and how this Feedback can be left. Some of these rules are set out in Acceptable Use Policy in Driver Terms & Conditions on the Website, including that you cannot leave feedback that:

  • is fraudulent, dishonest or misleading;
  • is unlawful, harassing, libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable or breaches any laws;
  • encourages conduct that constitutes a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise breaches any applicable laws, regulations or code of practice;
  • infringes the copyright or other rights of any third party;
  • is technically harmful (including, without limitation, computer virus, or other malicious software or harmful data).

Additionally, the Feedback you leave should not contain:

  • personal information of yourself or others, including but not limited to, email addresses or telephone numbers;
  • any links to other sites, or promotional material to other sites or companies.

You should not leave feedback if:

  • you did not actually engage, or have work done by, the Mechanic for Services you received quotes on the FixMyCar website;
  • work was completed 6 months or more away from when you wish to leave the Feedback (either before or after);
  • you are connected to the Mechanic, including but not limited to:

  • you are a current or previous employee of the Mechanic;
  • you are an immediate family member of the Mechanic or their employees;
  • you are a representative of the Mechanic, such as an engaged marketing agency;
  • you are in direct competition with the Mechanic and seek to use our website to discredit the Mechanic;
  • you wish to leave a review of the Mechanic in general rather than your specific experience of using them.

2. What should the Feedback be about.

Users, both other Drivers and Mechanics, will read the Feedback, and they are looking for factual real-life experiences with the Mechanic.

The Feedback should be about:

  • the quality of work performed by the Mechanic;
  • the customer service you received from the Mechanic;
  • specific highlights you might want to mention and point out, such as where they excelled at something, or where they went out of their way to help you;
  • specific issues you may have encountered, why they might have occurred and what the Mechanic did about them;
  • the timekeeping and communication of the Mechanic with you.

3. What is unacceptable to put into Feedback

Feedback should be factual, relevant, and constructive, even if this is negative for the Mechanic. We will not accept the following as factual, relevant or constructive feedback:

  • inappropriate use of language or offensive language;
  • accusation of bad workmanship without explanation or a supporting account of specific examples;
  • any potentially slanderous or inaccurate information that is intended to discredit or enhance the Mechanic reputation;
  • comments that are not relevant to the Job being performed, such as personal traits of a Mechanic or staff member that would not ordinarily or reasonably be considered a component of their ability to carry out the work or provide customer service.

4. FixMyCar involvement with your Feedback

We do not actively monitor, check or verify Feedback which is posted, and do not usually become involved or intervene in complaints or disputes concerning Feedback. However, We do reserve the right to do so in exceptional circumstances. We may also periodically review Feedback left, and we may log and then investigate Feedback complaints we receive from Mechanics.

We do not censor or moderate Feedback on our Website, unless it does not meet the standards of this policy. However, we do reserve the right (as per Acceptable Use Policy in Part D – General Terms Applicable To All Users), to suspend, modify or permanently remove any Feedback, or Mechanic Feedback responses, where (in our absolute discretion) we consider it prudent or necessary to do so.

Subject to the standards of this policy we may in exceptional circumstances ask you to amend your Feedback.

5. What if you want to change your Feedback

Once you have accepted the quote of the Mechanic, and had the work done by the Mechanic, you can leave Feedback on that work. You will be sent reminders regarding this Feedback, if you have not submitted any.

Once you have completed the Feedback, including giving the Mechanic a rating, indicating if you would recommend them and adding comments, the feedback will be locked into our system.

You will only be able to submit a change of review within 2 months of leaving that review on our site. If you do wish to change the review which has been left before the 2-month mark, you may change your Feedback in accordance with the Feedback Policy guidelines by the following method.

6. Lodging a complaint against a Mechanic

As per our Terms and Conditions we do not recommend or warranty any Mechanic on our site. You as the Driver are solely responsible for contracting with the Mechanic on any work you post on our site. FixMyCar is not a party to any contract between you and the Mechanic.

You should attempt to resolve the issue with the Mechanic themselves.

We strongly advise you to, before work is carried out, to agree in writing (with the Mechanic) the following:

  • what work is to be done;
  • what price will that work cost, inclusive of VAT;
  • what timeframe the work is expected to take.

You may also wish to consider asking the Mechanic the following:

  • to inform you BEFORE they do anything else that would either affect the price or would be considered extra work that is needed;
  • to detail the parts that are necessary and whether they are new or used;
  • what guarantees or warranties they offer on their work, and the timeframe/mileage these apply for.

If there is a situation where you and the Mechanic cannot resolve the issues between yourselves, you should consult Citizens Advice (including reviewing the following website https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/buying-or-repairing-a-car/problems-with-a-car-repair). You may also contact FixMyCar via email at [email protected], solely to make us aware of the matter.

We may decide to take action against the Mechanic, but we have no legal enforcement powers to compel the garage to do any action that may resolve your complaint.

We may also make records of the complaint and evaluate the response of the garage in relation to this complaint. These records, subject to applicable data laws or other legal constraints, may be available to you and the Mechanic in any legal dispute.

We will also work with Trading Standards, if contacted by them, and help them in any investigations they may have.

We try and encourage the Mechanics to resolve complaints amicably as we feel that good customer service demands this of them. We encourage Drivers also to try and resolve issues also in that manner.

7. FixMyCar complaints protocol

As mentioned above, We have a limited ability to resolve complaints between Drivers and Mechanics that arise out of their own contractual relationships and engagements.

We will typically:

  • log all complaints against the Mechanic so We can assess the Mechanic’s customers service performance over time;
  • if We feel the matter is of a serious nature, We may also suggest that you inform Citizens Advice (for further referral to Trading Standards);
  • if the Mechanic fails to engage with our procedures or policies around complaints, We may suspend the Mechanic from our website;
  • We will provide evidence from our systems (subject to Data Protection Laws and other legal constraints) to the Drivers or Mechanics, in the event there is a legal proceeding between them. Additionally, we may provide the evidence to Trading Standards, in so far as we are legally permitted and required to do so.

What We won’t do:

  • We won’t ignore any complaints you raise through the [email protected]
  • We won’t accept conduct from either the Driver or Mechanic that insults or threatens both our staff and other individuals or groups;
  • We won’t and can’t give legal advice, but we might suggest you consult with Citizens Advice or a solicitor if the matter is deemed to be serious;
  • We are not mechanics, and we will not be able to give mechanical advice. We might help you if you wish by putting you in touch with other Mechanics if you wish;
  • We can’t force the Mechanic to resolve your issues. We can encourage them, but all disputes are between yourself and Mechanic only, and hence all disputes need to be resolved between yourselves only.


1. How should I feel about the feedback left?

You should try and take all feedback with a non-emotional, business-like approach. Some feedback is good, some can be bad, but all should be taken as learning experience on what may or may not have happened.

Good feedback is great, and can show the benefits of good customer service, good mechanical skill, and communication on your part. Running a car repair or servicing business it not only about mechanical repair or servicing, but about communication with the customer, customer service (e.g. timeliness, keeping the customer informed, going that extra mile sometimes), and an attitude that is more customer focused than just fixing a car. People who leave good feedback are trying to inform both you the Mechanic and the other Drivers that use the site that you have gone that extra mile and that you are living up to the promises you have made to them.

Bad feedback is not great, but can highlight issues with your customer service, communication or regarding the repair itself. Everyone can, and many do receive negative feedback from time to time, bet it verbally or through online channels. What matters is how you take that bad feedback in terms of your approach to what the Driver is saying.

What you should not do if you receive bad Feedback through the Website is:

  • take it as the only feedback you will get;
  • reply to that Feedback as if you are in an argument with the person who has left it;
  • expect FixMyCar to remove it;
  • take the view that the provider of the Feedback is wrong without exception. Something may have happened for them to leave bad Feedback. Whilst you may think that what went wrong was not your fault, it still affects the Driver and thereby there may be an issue;
  • you should not contact the customer in aggressive or overly defensive manner. You should consider the issue at hand, keep calm and remain professional at all times.

2. Leaving a response to Feedback

As a Mechanic you have the ability and opportunity to reply to the Feedback that is left on the Website. You should try and respond to both good and bad Feedback alike. You can reply to each Feedback left via the Website.

In replying to any Feedback that is left, both good and bad, you should always remain professional.

If the Feedback is good, you should thank the Driver for that Feedback.

If the Feedback is bad, then you should:

  • try to understand the issues that Driver has had;
  • reply in a professional manner. You should not try to argue with the Driver through the Feedback system, this is not the forum to do that. It is your opportunity to acknowledge that the Driver may have had a bad experience, and explain the situation to the others that may read the Feedback and your response;
  • you should try and stick to the facts and not the get emotional over them;
  • highlight to the people who are reading the Feedback and your response any attempts you made to rectify the issues and gestures of goodwill you may have made or may be willing to make.

3. What is unacceptable to put in a Mechanics Response

You are bound by our Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct in using the FixMyCar Website. As such you are under obligations to use the site in a responsible and professional manner. This includes the requirements under Acceptable Use Policy in Part D – General Terms Applicable To All Users.

Please note your responses to the Feedback left are viewable by all users of the website. As such you should draft your replies in acknowledgement of that.

We expect your replies to be professional and factual, and not to contain any of the following:

  • inappropriate use of language or offensive language;
  • personal comments about the driver (their behaviour, appearance or otherwise);
  • accuse the Driver of lying or misrepresenting the facts. Just explain your side, and point out the factual issues, e.g. ‘We offered you a reduction in price, which you refused...’;
  • any potential slanderous or inaccurate information. You should stick the facts.

NOTE: We remind you that this is not the Forum to continue or start an argument with the Driver over the Feedback left. This is your opportunity to show your customer service ability and explain the facts to all users of the Website.

FixMyCar maintains the rights, as set out in the Terms and Conditions to suspend, modify or permanently remove any Mechanic Feedback responses, where (in our absolute discretion) we consider it prudent or necessary to do so.

4. Editing my Mechanics Response

Before you write any response to Feedback left, remember to think carefully about who is going to read it. Your response is viewable by all users of the website.

5. FixMyCar involvement with your Mechanics Response

We do not actively monitor, check or verify Mechanic Feedback Responses which may be posted, and do not usually become involved or intervene in complaints or disputes concerning Feedback. However, we do reserve the right to do so in exceptional circumstances. We may also periodically review both Feedback, and the Mechanic Reponses left by users.

We do not censor or moderate Feedback Responses on our Website, unless they do not meet the standards of this policy. However, we do reserve the right (as per Acceptable Use Policy in Part D – General Terms Applicable To All Users), to suspend, modify or permanently remove any Feedback, or Mechanic Feedback responses, where (in our absolute discretion) we consider it prudent or necessary to do so.

Subject to the standards of this policy we may in exceptional circumstances ask you to amend your Feedback.

6. Reporting issues with Feedback

Drivers who have selected your quote can leave Feedback on the work or service you provided them. We do not censor or moderate Feedback on our Website.

If you feel that the Feedback invalidates our Feedback Policy standard you can raise your complaint to FixMyCar who will investigate your claim.

7. FixMyCar complaints protocol

We expect that the Feedback left by Drivers will meet our Feedback Policy standard. If you highlight Feedback that you believe does not meet this standard, then please contact us.

We will:

  • log your complaint in our systems;
  • review and try to understand the issues you have with the Feedback;
  • evaluate the Feedback against this Feedback Policy standard;
  • attempt to contact the Driver if we deem it prudent to do so;
  • potentially make you aware of some examples of Feedback Responses to Feedback of a similar nature, if we think the Feedback has not been in breach of this policy, such that you can consider your response to it.

We will not:

  • automatically remove bad Feedback upon your request. All Feedback that meets the Feedback Policy standard will not be removed, unless the Driver approves its removal or does not respond to our requests for further information within a certain timeframe;
  • permit abuse or threatening behaviour towards our staff to encourage them to change or remove the Feedback;
  • make a Judgement on who is right and who is wrong. We will try to be impartial and consider the facts you present, evaluating against the requirements this policy and the Driver’s Feedback and any additional information supplied from any contact We have with the Driver.

Whilst you may have a good reason to believe the Feedback might be invalid, We cannot judge this to be true until We know all the facts, including at times talking to the Driver to see why they may have left that Feedback. We give both parties (Drivers and Mechanics) the opportunity to leave and respond to Feedback, and We encourage both parties to ensure that Feedback should be factual and considered.

We believe Feedback is integral to the FixMyCar Website, and users who meet our standards have the right to leave this Feedback.

8. What happens if someone complains to FixMyCar about my work or conduct

We log the complaints we receive within our systems to monitor usage of the Website and adherence to its terms and conditions, amongst other reasons. Depending on the nature of the complaint and what a Driver would like us to do we may do the following:

  • encourage the Driver to contact you to resolve the issues raised;
  • advise that they can leave Feedback regarding their experience, in accordance with this policy;
  • direct the Driver towards information sources advising of their rights as a consumer, such as Citizen’s Advice.

We will always encourage you and the Driver to resolve complaints between yourselves. You and the Driver are parties to any work or servicing that is performed, and as per our Terms and Conditions by registering as a Mechanic and by using the Services you are agreeing that you shall be solely responsible for and shall indemnify us and hold us harmless from any costs, losses or claims which may result from any information you submit or transmit via the Services or from any work which you agree to perform for any Driver or from your dealings with any Driver or your use of their information.

If We decide that We need to act on the result of any investigation into a complaint or otherwise, it will be at our discretion as to what action we can take. This could include informing various official authorities of the situation, suspension or cancellation of your account, and allowing you access to any records we may maintain about the complaint or your account.

We would always encourage you to work with the Driver to resolve any complaint you receive and understand their issues before you make any judgement. We would also encourage you to understand the legal obligations you have a Mechanic, and what obligations and duties you owe consumers whilst you provide services to them. You should know your rights, their rights and understand the issues at hand.

This Feedback Policy was last updated on 27 July 2020.