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8a Empson Street , Bow, E3 3LT
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About Garage

Our engineers are experienced in controlling vehicle repair costs and delivering savings to our clients. Labour, parts and paint costs are competitively sourced whilst cycle times and downtime are pro-actively monitored though intelligent electronic workflow. A courtesy car will be provided to the policyholder for the duration of the repair.

Customer benefits include:

No Claims Bonus remains unaffected, as there is no claim under their insurance policy
No need to pay insurance policy excess as this is funded by A L I Assist and recovered from the insurance company of the responsible party.
Each claim is proactively managed to ensure that vehicle repair times are kept to a reasonable level.
Bodyshops also benefit from not having to provide a courtesy vehicle, retail labour rates (agreed with the engineer) and our 48 hour payment terms.

Services offered

Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs