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Unit 11 Rawforlds Mill, Cleckheaton, BD19 5LY
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"Dave at Benson Automotive Services has learned his trade at organisations such as Caterpillar. If you've never met someone who goes to bed with a Haynes manual, now is your chance. Dave has an unsurpassed passion and talent for mechanical engineering which forms the solid foundations on which BAS operates. This consists of always producing high quality work whilst providing a valuable service to you the customer. As the old saying goes There are 3 types of job, a good job, a cheap job and a fast job, but you cant have all 3. We don't do 'Cheap', as this relates to unsustainable short terms gains. 'Fast' can be the route to complacency. So we stick to what we know best which is a 'GOOD' job! Trust us when we say your vehicle is in safe hands. From this philosophy comes a few key factors which govern the success of BAS: Flexibility i.e. early opening, late closing, picking up and dropping off; Doing a good job, work is always completed to a high standard using good quality parts; Being competitive, efficient workshop practices and well trained staff allow us to make the most of our time at work and therefore keep costs reasonable."