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"Warwick's premier TYRE (4x4, car, van), winter tyre and wheel specialist... Autumn is well and truly here! So now is the time to think about preparing your car for the autumn / winter. It's worth calling in for your free tyre check if you are local to use. Now is also the time to find out about our extensive winter tyre range and how winter tyres can benefit you. If we have a winter like last year, it's highliy likely you will benefit enormously from some winter tyres. We have been selling winter tyres now for 4 years and with the press coverage last year in particular more and more people are wanting to know about them. We are well placed to give you good advice about them and will happily make recommendations as to which brands have performed particularly well. As with normal all weather tyres you can purchase budget winter tyres as well as mid range and premiums brands - we are stocking a selection of all. If you are considering winters, we will happily discuss how beneficial to you they can be depending upon your circumstances. Even though it is only early September our customers are already ordering them now, so the sooner you speak to us the better to ensure you're not disappointed."