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One Stop Auto Centre
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One Stop Auto Centre

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 One Stop Auto Centre, Unit 1 71-73 Nathan Way, Thamemead, SE280BQ
Member since December 18, 2014
Established 2016
144 quotes provided this week

About us

"Established large workshop offering all general servicing and repairs. Also latest diagnostic equipment. Also offer tyre changing, general services and repairs on cars and van, Hybrid/Electric car repair specialist, DSG gearbox repair specialist and MOT's."
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 5 / 5
 Pravda recommends this garage



Aircon Regas, Audi A1

They are really very high professional.


 5 / 5
 patrick recommends this garage



Full Service, Renault Scenic

Have to say these guys are brilliant. Job was on time and recommendations made for future maintenance. Definitely will be returning.


 1 / 5



MOT, Volkswagen Golf

PLEASE READ ALL. It's long but you'll understand who are these guys. This is my car number plate HJ09UXN. I leave it here for you so that you can see the difference on the status of my car last year and status of my car this year after only 2300 miles. On Saturday 7th I took my car there for the MOT. They said to leave the car there and they would have called me when ready after 1 and a half hours. But after 2 and a half hours I didn't hear from them so I called and they asked me to go there because the MOT failed . I went there and there was a long list of things to fix. The major were Offside Front Shock absorbers has a serious fluid leak (5.3.2 (b)) Nearside Rear Brake disc significantly and obviously worn (1.1.14 (a) (i)) Offside Rear Brake disc significantly and obviously worn (1.1.14 (a) (i)) My brakes didn't have any problem, there was rust, yes, but didn't have problems with braking and never heard any kind of noise. In the previous MOT all was good except from an advise for the front disks which I had changed. Anyway, I asked a quote for what was to repair and they first asked £500, then said that they could do it for £400. I accepted it and booked in for the next Saturday. Now, you bring your car there to replace brakes and shock absorbers, and to pass the MOT at 11am. At 12:55 I receive a message saying that there is the battery to replace as well and again the list of advises adding the rear wiper (which I just changed in March), again the passenger side mirror which I replaced during the week and saying "rear brake pads discs worn excessively - repaired", just noticed this while writing this review. There was written repaired... They sent me a quote for all the things to repair for a total of £1900, I say I couldn't spend more money on it and to please just carry over with what the major problems were. I was getting ready to go to pick up my car by 6pm and at 5pm they write me saying that there was a problem with the car, they couldn't change the pads because of a seized caliper which would have cost me £262 and I had to leave my car there until Monday as they couldn't get the par at that time on a Saturday. I complained saying that I wanted the right to get my car on Saturday and taking it to someone else, the guy said I could have but he would have charged for the labour (of something that he didn't replace). So I left it there, very big mistake, God knows what they did to my car. I went there on Monday at 5:40pm as they close at 6pm, the car was still not ready. I had to wait until 6:10pm. I also spoke with the guy who explained to me different things, I had almost believed him until I got my car, saw how many miles they did with it, saw how instable to drive it's now. I will have to bring somewhere else and see what they did to it. I will report them to the motor ombudsman and see where all this is going to go. You all know how hard it's to get to the end of the month, this is something I really didn't need

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   Servicing and MOT
   Air-Con, Heating and Cooling
   Brake Repairs
   Clutch Repairs
   Electrical and Batteries
   Tyres, Wheels and Tracking
   Breakdown and Recovery
   Exhaust Repairs
   Security, Locking and Keys
   Engine and Cooling
   Windows and Windscreens
   Steering and Suspension
   Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
   Wing Mirrors
   Safety Components
   Gearbox Repairs


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   5 Ramps
   We repair LCVs, Fleet Vehicles
   MOT Facilities