+How Does the Site Work?
QMy car has a problem - how does the site work?
AIt's really simple. Follow these 4 steps and get the problem sorted:
  1. Request Quotes – enter your details, car registration and describe what's needed
  2. View Quotes – check your email for updates on quotes.
  3. Book – After comparing your quotes, choose the mechanic you wish to go with
  4. Feedback – rate and review your chosen mechanic.
QHow do I request quotes?
AClick ‘Get quotes’ in the header, enter your details, your car's registration and provide a description of the work needed. Mechanics will receive alerts and respond via the messaging system with quotes so remember to check your email.
QHow much does it cost?
AIt's totally free for drivers to request quotes on the site.
QHow will garages contact me?
AGarages will contact you via the messaging system. As soon as you receive an email from us telling you that you have a quote waiting simply log in and respond to the mechanic.

We only give up your phone number to mechanics who have quoted for your request through the site.
QHow long will it take to get a response?
AIt is very difficult to say accurately how long it will take to get a response. It depends on a number of factors including the density of mechanics in your local area, the request type and make of your car.

Be sure to give an accurate description of your issues as the more information provided will increase the likelihood of garages and mechanics reponding.

New mechanics are signing up every day so we hope response times are getting quicker and quicker.
QHow long will my quote request be on the site?
AQuote requests remain on the site until you tell us that you have accepted a quote from a garage or until you cancel the request. If you don't accept a quote we will automatically remove the request from the site after approximately 40 days.
+Requesting quotes
QHow do I request quotes on the site?
AIt’s really easy to request quotes, we just need your details, car registration, a description of what your car needs and your request will go live. here to Request Quotes.
QWhy do you need my vehicle registration?
AFor many requests mechanics need to know exactly which model your car is before quoting. This can be identified via the registration number so we need to provide this to get accurate information on your vehicle.
QWhat details should I provide when requesting a quote?
AWe ask you to tell us the make and model of your car, it's registration number and year. Then you can choose what services you require and a description of the work that needs to be completed. We recommend that you describe the issue in as much detail as possible so that mechanics can provide you with an accurate response.
QCan I request a quote from a particular garage?
AYes you can. If you have found a garage and would like them to provide a quote, simply click on the request a quote button which is under their company profile. Your request will also be added to the site and emailed to other mechanics in the area so you can compare quotes.
+Managing My requests
QHow do I get responses from garages?
AWhen a garage responds to your request you'll get an email letting you know. To view the response log in to your account and you can converse with the mechanic about your request on our secure messaging system.
QHow do I accept a quote?
AIf you decide you'd like to accept a quote from a garage simply click on the "Choose this garage" button - this will then take your request off the site and decline quotes from all other garages.

Note all quotes accepted through the site are indicative and non-binding.
QWhat happens after I've accepted a quote?
AAfter you've accepted a quote your request will be removed from the site and you will be able to chat to the mechanic you chose via the messaging system. You should then arrange a date and time directly with the mechanic.

Once the job is completed please leave honest and fair feedback on the work completed, your feedback is really important.
QHow do I give feedback?
AOnce you've accepted a quote and the work has been completed simply log in to your account, find your request in your "My Quotes" section and click the "Leave Feedback" button. Rate it, leave a short comment and whether you would recommend the garage to others.

Your Feedback is Important!
QCan I cancel my request?
AYes, if you want to cancel your request log in and click "Cancel Request".
+Drivers' General Questions
QWho is this site aimed towards?
AThis service is for anyone who has a car problem, in need of a Service/MOT or a diagnosis. It is not intended for people who are browsing for prices or trying to collate information for personal reference. All quote requests are live and mechanics will individually quote as they receive the alerts.
QDoes Who Can Fix My Car recommend certain garages?
ANo we don't. This is why your feedback is so important as it will help future users differentiate one mechanic from another.
QCan I recommend a garage to join your site?
AYes, absolutely - we would love to add your local garage to our site. Please contact us and we'll get in touch with them.
QCan I leave a comment or suggestion?
AYes, we welcome all feedback. Contact us with your comment, question or feedback and we'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.