+Registering with Who Can Fix My Car
QHow do I sign-up?
AIt's really easy to sign up and will only take a minute. Please follow the 3 simple steps on our registration page where we will ask you for a few contact details, a description of your company and the information about the services you provide to drivers.
QHow much does it cost to register?
AWe have four different subscription packages which you can review by clicking here!
QWhat details do you need?
AWe only need a few details, basic contact details, a brief company description so you can advertise yourself and then some information about the services you provide.
+Leads, Jobs and Bids
QHow do I receive leads?
AYou will receive leads to your email (the one you registered with).
QHow much does it cost to receive a lead?
AReceiving leads is free regardless of which package you are on.
QHow do I respond to a lead that looks interesting?
AIt's really easy, just log in and go to "My Jobs" - from there you can respond to the lead. Note that responding to a lead will incur a small fee or if you're on a monthly subscription will use one of your credits.
QHow do I cancel my account?
AGive us a call on the customers services number to cancel your account.
QWhat do I need to include when responding to a Job?
AYour response should be as full as possible. There is also an "Estimate Box" where we recommend (but don't require) you to estimate the cost of the job. Note that all estimates are intended to be indicative and non-binding. For more details see the terms and conditions.