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What can a mobile mechanic fix?

A mobile mechanic can come to you and carry out any minor repair on your car, rather than you visiting a garage. The most common repair jobs for a mobile mechanic include:

  • Brake pad and disc repairs

  • Cambelt change

  • Paint repair

  • Tyre change 

  • Battery change

  • Oil change

  • Jump starts

Some mobile mechanics will even carry out a full service or MOT for you. If the repair is more complex, a mobile mechanic will collect your car, take it to a garage to fix it, and then drop it back.

The list of things a mobile mechanic can fix will vary depending on the mechanic you choose.

How much does a mobile mechanic cost?

The cost of a repair from a mobile mechanic will depend on your car and the type of repair needed. The below table shows you the average cost for a range of services when carried out by a mobile mechanic.

ServiceAverage Price
Mobile mechanic£63.42
Engine management light£59.91
Flat battery£156.47
Mobile tyre fitting£101.49

How do you find a mobile mechanic in your area?

Looking for a mobile mechanic near you? Here are some of the common services that our trusted mobile mechanics provide. Just click on the one that suits you best to compare quotes in your area and find the best price. Simple!

  • Mobile car diagnostics

    The average cost of mobile car diagnostics booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £53.39

    Mobile diagnostics testing involves a specialist coming to you and running tests on your vehicle to expose the cause of any problems you're having with your car. Diagnostic testing involves plugging the vehicle into special software that can reveal issues with its engine, electrical system, transmission, braking, exhaust system, and more.

    Can include
    • Home visit
    • Full diagnostic testing
    • Recommended repairs
  • Mobile tyre fitting

    The average cost of mobile tyre fitting booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £101.79.

    Mobile tyre fitting involves a mobile mechanic coming to you to replace your tyres and is often done when you can't drive your car to a garage.

    Can include
    • Home visit
    • Full tyre check
    • Tyre removal and replacement
  • Mobile car battery replacement

    The average cost of a car battery replacement booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £157.62.

    If your car battery is dead, a mobile mechanic can come and replace it for you. The exact cost of a mobile car battery replacement will depend on the type of car battery you need.

    Can include
    • Home visit
    • Battery diagnostic
    • Battery replacement

Where can I find a mobile mechanic?

You can search for a mobile mechanic near you and compare quotes using our handy comparison tool. You'll see which mobile mechanics can perform your repair and when the next available booking is.

What is a mobile mechanic?

A mobile mechanic can visit you at your home, workplace, or roadside without you needing to take your car into a garage. Mobile mechanics are often not associated with a particular garage.

What can a mobile mechanic do?

A mobile mechanic can carry out a large range of repairs, including jump starts, brake repairs, cambelt changes, tyre changes, oil changes, and more. If your issue is more complex, a mobile mechanic may take your car to a garage to be fixed and drop it off once the repair is complete.

Can a mobile mechanic fix a starter?

If you're unable to start your car, your starter might need repairing or replacing, and it's unlikely you can drive it to the garage. A mobile mechanic can come to you to fix your starter. It should only take half an hour to fix a starter, and the mechanic will inspect your car battery to make sure that's not causing the problem.

Are mobile mechanics any good?

Mobile mechanics are licensed professionals who are qualified to carry out repair work on your car. You can ask for insurance documents, read customer reviews, and compare prices to make sure a mobile mechanic is good. You can do this via WhoCanFixMyCar using our handy comparison tool for mobile mechanics.

How much is a mobile mechanic?

The cost of a mobile mechanic depends on the type of repair you need and your car's make. The average price of a mobile mechanic booked via WhoCanFixMyCar is £62.54. You can find quotes using our handy comparison tool for mobile mechanics.

Are mobile mechanics cheaper?

Despite having to travel to you, mobile mechanics are often cheaper than garage-based mechanics because fewer overheads are needed to run a mobile business.

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